Are my curls 3A?

I'm a new guy here, and I think this is a cool site, and I don't wanna get mixed up, so, would you classify my hair as a 3A, or even Botticelli-ish? It's very thick, and large.

Here's a photo:

If anyone could clarify for me, that'd be cool.

P.S. Would I be able to achieve a "corkscrew" type of thing with my natural hair, without perming it?
It looks like 3a hair to me.
You could try posting your question in the 3a section. You'll most likely get more responses there.
4/b with 4/a kinks at the back of my head.

Keep it kinky, curly, wavy- whatever.
Just keep it natural and keep it you, from head to toe ^_^



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