Help with curly hair =/

Ok i like to have my hair natural and it poofs up but i like that but the back of my head hair it poofs really weird and it doesn't look right when you see me from the side should i layer my hair to make it go more straight down?
I know that a lot of time, when I go to apply anything to my hair I end up missing the back of my head and only putting product in where I can see in the mirror. It takes conscious effort to apply and properly distribute product in the back. Could you try to give the back of your head a little extra care in that sense? Also, wearing hoods up or when your head rubs against car seats could be the issue here. I don't know that cutting it will help much, though. It's best to try and find out what you're doing (or not doing) to the back of your head that makes it act differently than everywhere else.
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