New-ish Curly Guy Here

I've been to this website before, and I think I may have even introduced myself before, but apparently my login info doesn't work anymore. Anyway, I was really just here to say that I am really enjoying my curls now that I've started doing the CG method, and I wanted to show off

thanks for showing your hair looks great. you should put some suggestions out there to guide others so they can get those healthy, gorgeous curls you have.

last relaxer - 1/09
bc -2/09
hair - 3b/3c and a little 4a
blog -

"I am not my hair, I am not this skin, I am not your expectations...." - India.Arie (musician)
NICE! I wish I could get my 3c husband to finally embrace and love his curls as much as I do.
med/coarse texture; med/high porosity; 3b; iii; 30" long (waist)

CWC using whatever works this week

A curly girl married to a curly guy!

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