Help a curlyboy out....please!!!

I'm new to the naturally curly world and need help. I think I'm a 3a but could be 3b with a little help. My hair is hella flat and puffy right now (see pics). Please tell me what to do. I use no products and have gone no-poo with aveda shampure conditioner for a week. my stylist usually strips weight out of my hair with a straight razor and these crazy-ass weight removing shears. If anyone has advice of any kind (products, styling cutting... anything), I would be much obliged.
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First, don't let your stylist touch your hair with a razor. And run out the door as fast as you can if he/she pulls out the thinning shears!

My husband has 3c curls and gets a simple layered cut. He still refuses to go CG, though (addicted to sulfate shampoos and cone serums). When I had my hair that short, I used just a clear gel (L.A. Looks, I think) to style. I don't know what exactly is in the Aveda Shampure Conditioner, but I can't use most Aveda products because they has more protein than my hair can handle, leaving it frizzy and feeling dry / crunchy.

med/coarse texture; med/high porosity; 3b; iii; 30" long (waist)

CWC using whatever works this week

A curly girl married to a curly guy!

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