Styling Hair In Mornings

I have curl type 3a. Without any products in my hair it will just frizz. My hair is very dry. I used to have an afro (I'm white btw) but recently have had my hair shortish and have been gelling it in the mornings using Garnier Fructis Style High Resistance Gel. I wash my hair every morning when i shower, dry it slightly but still keeping the moisture in and then using my fingers pull the gel through my hair trying to get rid of every last bit of frizz. When I go to sleep my hair gets totally wrecked and styling it any other time than straight after it's been washed really isn't an option. From what I know about my sort of curly hair is that it shouldn't be washed everyday but every few days? I wouldn't have a problem doing this but styling it to shape would be a problem when it isn't wet. Is wetting my hair in the mornings then gelling it or applying other products OK or would this give the same effect as washing it? It's hard having curly hair!
Hey Green Card
when you say wash do yo mean shampoo-ing? you could give conditioner only washing a whirl... shampoos play havoc on my hair and since i gave up the sulfates I have been soooooooooooooooooo much happier!

or another good option that I used to transition to a no poo life ( almost 2 years!) is the WEN hair cleanser route - WEN itself is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay pricey fro a curly girl but Sally' beauty makes a good knock off called Hair One.

Gel can be D R Y I N G...depending on the ingredients. Try an Aloe based gel, IC makes on thats available at Target for about 3 dollars.

Over all I think most curlies with frizz issues have moisture issues as in not enough.

Do you use a leave in conditioner? I use just more of my reg conditioner, it makes soooooooo much difference!
Teri is AWESOME! I use a modified version of her curl regime.

All that being said:
I get 2cnd and sometimes 3 rd day curls these days. On days when I wet my hair I wash with condirioner and detangle with my fingers - rinse then apply more conditioner, I scrunch some Redken Ringlet and clip it out of the way - finish showering then I wrap hair is a t-shirt- dont laugh! it TOTALLY changed the way I see my hair!

after letting the t-shirt absorb x tra product and water I just let it down and ignore it. - air dry EVERYTIME for me.

that night I put a little oil in - jojoba usually and put it up in loooooose pony tail
next day i take it down sort of fluff it into place and


I am 3b/3C/4A
Curly? Why yes, yes I Am

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