Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Hair Mousse...great but flammable.lol.

Hey I just tried this stuff and it may not be the best CG friendly ingredients...(btw I hope we can call it CB, to preserve any semblance of manhood)...but it works great and provides a ton of moisture and weight. Looked at the ingredients and I see at least 2 flammable components in the first 4 ingredients (propane was one)...You guys think I should continue to use it?
i use it sometimes with a little of conditioner underneath... dont really stay near flames enough to be worried about my hair products being flammable lol

but yeah its an extra styling product for me
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I know this is really old, but for anyone stumbling upon this post, the isobutane and propane are there to make it spray out of the can. They dissipate after you put the product on your head. Don't smoke and spray anything. Or, just don't smoke.

Still, don't hold any candles to your hair!
Hee hee, love this thread.

Yes, a lot of ingredients in haircare products are flammable. Don't light the can of mousse on fire or leave it on a heater by accident.

I've accidentally lit nail polish on fire a few times (while wearing it, I mean, not while it's in the bottle)... but I don't typically use my hair to get a lighter going, so it's not as much of an issue.

What's of more concern is that those ingredients can be quite drying with repeated use...
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HE Tousle Me Softly mousse is the only thing I use, because it leaves my curls soft and bouncy. Everything else I've tried leaves a crunch with too strong of a hold or is either too weak and leaves frizz. If anyone knows of any other products that have a soft and light hold please let me know!
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