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im half spanish, a quarter black and a quarter chinese with 3c hair

the first 13 years of my life i have always put it in pony tail, then in 8th grade i flat ironed all the way till jr. year of h.s, now im a college freshmen going naturally curly since senior year in h.s.

although my dad is half black and half chinese, he's more in touch with his black side, so he would always treat my hair as if i was full african! that sooo didnt work.

i have noticed that aveeno nourish+ style collection has worked out pretty well for me, its gotten to the point where people think i look prettier with my curls then my hair flat ironed, which is huge for me.

i think you should try it
I'm bi-racial as well and i live with my white grandparents. My grandmother has NOOO clue whatsoever what to do with my hair when i was younger. She just let me run around with crazy wild hair or threw it in a pony tail lol! I pretty much taught myself what to do with my hair, and when i went to visit my african american relatives they gave me tips.
' Shamp- HEHH w. orchid & coconut oils
' Cond - HEHH '' '' '' ''
' Olive Oil Hair Lotion for split ends and root stimulation. &
' Blue Magic styling leaving in conditioner. Softee CO. Fantasia HPSG.
' Quick Spritz = Water, Coconut Condtioner.

Half white, half black. Luckily, my hair is closer to my mom's (My dad had straight hair.). Problem is? She's not mixed, so her hair is completely different. I got her curls, but they're looser. She doesn't know what to do with heres, much less mine. So we just go to super cuts or whatever and the people don't know what to do so they screw it up. *Sigh*.
i'm an oreo too,, and my hair is mainly 4a w/ some 3c mixed in randomly. not only is my hair insainly curly, but both my paarents are white. my mom didn't know what to do with my hair so she started relating when i was in third grade can you believe it? i continued to get it relaxed till i was in 7th grade. it took me 2 years to completly grow it out and it is still damaged. i've stopped straiting it and i usually wear it in either a ponytale -bandana optional- in two little pigtales at the back of my head with a bandana, or loose on the days that i get a shower in the morning instead of at night. i will never let an unprofesional touch my hair again
3C/4A mix (Seriously it's all over the place)
Hair is kinda fine and kinda thick.
Super short, I'd like definition but styling products don't like me

Profile pic taken the February 2015
Chopped off (was shoulder length) November 2014
Well I am mixed with a whole lot of stuff and my hair type is 3b/3c and my hair is poofy and frizzy so what I do is in the shower detangle you hair while it is wet and when doing this use COLD WATER because it helps with the poofiness and the frizz alittle and use a wide-tooth comb to detangle you hair and then when you are finish DON'T DRY YOUR HAIR YET put in some leave-in conditioner or something will moisturize your hair and then you put in your styling products. What I use is gel from the new Pantene Pro-V Solutions the Curly series and the gel helps to defines your curls and to keep your hair not to poof and frizz. When your finish with your styling products you can dry your hair but DON'T USE A TOWEL use a old t-shirt, paper towel, or a microfiber towel when you drying your hair scrunch it and when you are finish with that you could either using a diffuser or what I like to do is let it air dry and then my hair is nice but this is what I do to my hair it may work for you but it may not but you could try it out. I hope I helped you with your problem bye!!!!!
Mother was Icelandic, Japanese, and Black. Dad is Peruvian. My dad mostly did my hair, but all he would do is put some stuff on it(I think it was grease, not sure cause I didn't know Spanish at the time) and brush my curls back and braid them every day, unleashing me at school every day with a frizzy mess I was teased a lot for. That went on until I was in middle school, when my mother let me get my hair pressed for my birthday. For years after, I have just been straightening it with a flat iron and listening to advice like, "Wash your hair every 2 months or so". lolwut? By sophomore year HS, I figured out that was one of the worst "advice" to give to me and never went to that salon again.

Eventually, I got so frustrated spending two hours or so straightening my hair I basically said screw it and started to wear my hair curly. That was when I was 16 or 17 I believe- I'm 18 now. Still haven't gotten things down yet, but when I do I'll sure suggest somethings :3
Currently navy-blue with skyblue underneath and on my bangs, shoulder length. Growing to waist-length
JC Gentle Lather, VO5 Tea Therapy Calming Chamomile(cowash), AOWC(rinse), HEHH(leave-in), JC N&S, Phytodefrisant
JC Gentle Lather, V05 Clarifying Kiwi Lime(cowash), AOHR(rinse)
, HEHH(leave-in), JC N&S, Phytodefrisant
Yogurt/honey, ACV rinse,
JC WDT, GVP Hair Reconstructor, Nexxus Emergencee
I love being mixed. Nobody ever knows my real ethnicity >

But I'm half black (Dad) and half white (Mom). My dad's side has Native American and Creole, and my mom's side is mainly Polish and Finnish.

Most people think I'm Hawaiian, Filipino, Latina, Asian... I can see the first 3, but Asian?? Someone actually asked me if I was from China once.

I'm pretty sure I inherited most of my mom's side, because my hair is fine and it's a mix of super wavy and loose curls.

2c/3a, low porosity, very fine and barely holds a style!
Low-poo: Kinky Curly Moisturizing Shampoo
Co-wash: Suave Naturals
Leave-in: Nature's Gate
Is anyone out there mixed?? I am! I am half black, half white.... It gets so annoying with my hair, because NOBODY knows how to do mixed hair, at least not that I've gone to. Most people think that because I have a darker skin tone that I have dry, coarse hair that is common for most african americans, but i dont! Yeah, its dry, but not that dry, and when people give me greasy products meant for that type of hair, it makes it feel gross! I feel like no one understands my hair, not even me! I always wear my hair half up, half down or in a ponytail, and i want to wear it in different styles, but its too difficult, frizzy, and poofy! Its so unmanageable, i need products i can use, and hairstyles for my hair! Anyone out there understand what im going through? If so, please help!
Originally Posted by MaiaCamille <3

Mixed hair is normal hair like everyone else's sweetie.
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Medium/thick/thin strands
medium fine front thick back
deep condish lutrasilk herbal
moisturize with softn nfree milk protein and olive oil[
3c/4a half and half ♥
Love my curls, kinks, coils, napps, corkscrews.
styler is ORS smooth n hold pudding♥
Transitioning ended--> forced into relaxer
If all goes well, will transition in 2012
i know exactly what ur going through, im going through the saaaame problems. i dunno what to do!
Im super mixed. 50% black 20% rican 15% native American 10% Greek 5% Italian. I have 3b 3c hair -____- I hate it sometimes

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I'm mixed too. My dad is half-Somali (African) and Indian (from India), and my mom is white.
My hair is a mix of 3a and 3b.

I had such a struggle with my hair growing up. When I was younger, it was really curly, like in my profile picture - then I used to brush it out so it would be wavy. Then in middle school, I wanted straight hair, so my mom let me relax it. (Worst decision ever) It took me almost three years to grow that damaged mess out. Now I just let my curls do what they want. I swear by Kinky Curly Curling Custard.
I Am 17 I have Like Really Dry Unruly hair Where as ms sis has very beautiful curly hair to where she cant get the wet look perfect and i love that look she has fine hair that is curled perfectly i have relaed my hair before dyed it and cut it ,it wont grow fast as i want it to ,it has grew matbe 2 to 3 inches since i last permed it in july . It breaks off nd sheds everytime i brush it or comb it .i flat iron it everytime i wash it juss because i dnt like how it looks natural . i was juss wondering how to take care of it to make it healthy with out cutting it alot or taking any length off . also how would it be if i put a curly perm on the new growth instead of a relaxer and slowly get it to the texture i want .
oh yeah i know how you feel my moms white my dads black and it is so HARD..... i always want to wear it up but then once i wear it down it out of CONTROL... and i end up putting it up anyways but im looking for a way to weigh my hair down so it can get CONTROLED....
Yes, I am mixed. BUT, its not "mixed hair", its curly hair. That term is a little ignorant. There are many black people, who have curly hair, and even white people, whos hair is curly, does that mean it's mixed? No.
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Well lol it's hard to find anyone of "pure" ancestry anyway (not that there's technically a such thing hehe xD). Hair is and will always just be 'hair' regardless of heritage..
Nevertheless, I am of the Apache, Cherokee, Blackfoot, French and Ethiopian persuasion (lolol) and I have a really weird hair type; coarse 2C waves from my crown to the front, and normal/fine kinky curls (not sure what type exactly) on my sides. The back is a kinky 2C (yeah, there's a such thing lol), so it's a lot to deal with.
Recently I shaved my head (to go au natural!!) but as its growing back in, I'm learning things my hair does and doesn't like so it's going to be a very strange natural journey(:
And basically when I was relaxed, my hair was long but very chewed up -_-
Btw... African Americans don't always have "dry, coarse hair".. Many I have seen have very soft, cottony and fine hair that.. Well still needs moisture lol.. So let's not let assumptions roam around hehe(:

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I'm not directly mixed but I do have black white and Native American in me which made me have really long curly hair that almost touches my but. I've had the problem with people assuming its weave since I'm not of a lighter complexion. It irritates me to no end . I've had people argue me down saying that it's not my hair because I'm not lights skinned . Far as my hair goes its mostly 3b and jet black my mon used to just put rollers in my hair and when I got older I started to straighten it now I'm natural.
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My dad is half black and half white and my mom is puerto rican which has left me with a really weird texture hair thats 3a in some parts 3b in others and sometimes parts are 2c. I've started co-washing with as i am coconut cowash and using shea moisture curl smoothie and i like how soft my hair is but i find it a little too greasy and still frizzy.

All in all I feel your pain! lol

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My mother is half colombian part Guyanese and portuguese. My father is black my twins sisters hair is wavy with ringlets at the bottoms but mine is frizzy and puffy. My twin always straightens her hair because she is scared of the thought of going to school with it curly. I usually wear my hair in a poofy mess or in a neat ponytail
I'm a mixed girl! Hense my user name haha ^-^ but yeah, my mom is mixed, but looks white, and my dad is mixed but looks just black! My dads hair is very soft though ^-^ I came out with 3c curls and 3b in the way back, Blue/grey eyes (that are now hazel/green and skin that isn't dark, but it isn't light. This may sound weird, but I love being mixed! But every race is G O R G E O U S!!!!
I'm Native American, Black, and White

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