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Is anyone out there mixed?? I am! I am half black, half white.... It gets so annoying with my hair, because NOBODY knows how to do mixed hair, at least not that I've gone to. Most people think that because I have a darker skin tone that I have dry, coarse hair that is common for most african americans, but i dont! Yeah, its dry, but not that dry, and when people give me greasy products meant for that type of hair, it makes it feel gross! I feel like no one understands my hair, not even me! I always wear my hair half up, half down or in a ponytail, and i want to wear it in different styles, but its too difficult, frizzy, and poofy! Its so unmanageable, i need products i can use, and hairstyles for my hair! Anyone out there understand what im going through? If so, please help!
What is your hair type? I am also mixed but with many different races. I have 3b hair and I find that most other multiracial curlies usually do too.

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Same for me

My aunty assumed my hair was like hers...so she used to put LOADS of greasy products on it and it just made my hair look horrible :/ then she decided to put relaxer on my hair (which...as we all know if horrific. It took me 7 years to grow out that disaster!

Most of the stuff recommended on here are good for mixed-race hair, just find your hair type. As said above, most mixed-race hair is 3b...I think mine is a mixture of 3a and 3b.

Good luck!

EDIT: by the way, when going to the hairdressers go to a black hairdressers rather than a white one...white hairdressers tend to bully you into straightening it!

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I am too ( black and white ) My mom (white) was pretty good about my hair , she did brush it some but not alot . But my hair was really 2b/3a then , so . Im 3b/3c

Once you find your hair type we could probuably give you some good products to use :]
"I often have the fantasy that curly girls are mermaids who have had to adapt to life on dry land. We come from the sea. The ocean is in our blood. It sings through our heart and lungs, our skin and hair. Our curls require the nourishment only a watery environment can provide. Both ocean waves and curly hair are forces of nature that can't be tamed. We can only accept and admire their power and beauty."
Lorraine Massey (Curly Girl)
Is anyone out there mixed?? I am! I am half black, half white.... It gets so annoying with my hair, because NOBODY knows how to do mixed hair, at least not that I've gone to. Most people think that because I have a darker skin tone that I have dry, coarse hair that is common for most african americans, but i dont! Yeah, its dry, but not that dry, and when people give me greasy products meant for that type of hair, it makes it feel gross! I feel like no one understands my hair, not even me! I always wear my hair half up, half down or in a ponytail, and i want to wear it in different styles, but its too difficult, frizzy, and poofy! Its so unmanageable, i need products i can use, and hairstyles for my hair! Anyone out there understand what im going through? If so, please help!
Originally Posted by MaiaCamille <3
Lol, those products don't work for most people. Or at least not well.
In my opinion the problem isn't peoples' inability to do mixed hair. It's curly hair period. Some people are so dumbfounded by the sentiment "I want to work with my curls, not straighten them". Do you live in a primarily white neighborhood? A lot of white people don't know what to do with their curly/wavy hair, so they flat iron it.
No one ever knew what to do with my hair. I don't blame them: Dad was balding, my grandmother's hair was thin and short, my godmother was and still is relaxed. So it was always in braids or ponies. Anytime it grew longer than my shoulders, it would get cut. "Too thick and nappy to be long". I won't bore you with the rest of this story. But what I'm trying to say is that knowing how to work with your hair is very practical. And fun!
Anyway, this is why coming to NC was a great idea! There's a wealth of information here that will help you take care of your own hair.
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Big chop: 5/30/10
CG, clarify with Aveda Brilliant Shampoo when needed
Dense, medium-fine strands, lowish porosity. Avoiding glycerin outside the shower.
Cowash:Suave Coconut Conditioner.
Leave in: YtCucumbers and EVOO
Styling Products: Flaxseed gel, Phillip B Soft Hold Gel, KMF Upper Management Gel
DC: Doctored GVP or Suave conditioner
Cleanser: Bentonite clay
cosign def wit moodydove....Ppl jus dnt know how to do curly hair and nc,youtube,etc really helps so YOU knw what to do with your hair and you wont have to rely on anyone else jus research RESEARCH RESEARCH .....on a side note:i feel so left out though lol im mixed (black and white) but my hair is 4a/4b wit a little 3c. When I was transitioning I thought my hair would be 3b/3c the way mixed kids hair is "supposed to be" but its not and i luv it and it made me realize (even mor) how versatile mixed (n every race )ppl are in both hair and skin type.
No, I'm mixed and I have 2c/3a hair, but then i'm Black, White and Indian (ie. COURSE, STRAIGHT <--Underlined 600 times HAIR) But When I was little I had 3b/3c hair which I'm trying to get back
2c/3a - M/C - ii/iii
Countess DuckyDot , Keeper of the book of Vegetarianism and Arty Pants, Leader of the Curly Ducks in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

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yes I am mixed as well, but race has nothing to do with people not knowing what to do with your hair. People just don't know what to do with curly hair period. Doesn't matter what your race is. But you've found the right place to be!
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My daughter is bi-racial and I'm always tinkering with her hair. I think a great product line to start with to keep things simple is Kinky Curly. You can buy it at Whole Foods or here on Curl Mart. If you start with Come Clean Shampoo, Knot Today Conditioner as a leave in, and Curling Custard you will likely love the results.

It is NOT GREASY at all. Very healthy for your hair. Now, what I've done for a long time is use a different conditioner to rinse out (GVP Matrix Conditioning Balm from Sally's) and it works well with that line.

I've recently started all over with Hannah's hair because of summer, but Kinky Curly is a great place to start.
Living vicariously through my daughters hair
4 years old, bi-racial, 3b-3c hair

Cleanse- KCCC, Deva No Poo, Tres Semme Naturals, Joico K-pak (once in a while)

Condish- Matrix Conditioning Balm, sometimes with honey and/or AVG

DT- Joico K-pak or Coco Nut Oil mixed with Conditioner

Leave in- KCKT or Matrix Conditioning Balm

Stylers- Arc Angel, Set it Free, B-leave in, KC Tiny Twirls, KC Spiral Spritz, FSG, KCCC

Hey I'm mixed aswell (black Dad and white Mom). My hair is 3c and is more on the dry side.

When I was young, I went to this white hairdressers and they completely ruined my hair It was all different lengths and v. short. Since then Im always so scared about going to the hairdressers
I'm mixed too - my mom is Asian and my dad is white. And this DID affect my hair a little -- I have very thick strands (thanks to mom), and 2c/3a curls (from my dad).
Although my hair's doom came from my mom brushing my hair all the way through my childhood. She treated my hair like her own, which I don't blame her for. I actually got so used to her pulling and tugging on my hair when I was young that to this day, pulling my hair doesn't hurt anymore.
So, yeah, I agree -- it's not really the fact that we're bi-racial, it's the fact that it ends in people that are close to us not understanding our curls.
Meet Chelsea: a curly-haired (type 2c/3a and very porous), half-Japanese 18-year-old with a lot on her mind.
Just beginning to embrace the curls!
At the moment:
Co-Wash: Tresseme Naturals
Conditioner: Burt's Bees Very Volumizing
Leave-In: Kinky-Curly Knot Today
Gel: Kinky-Curly Curling Custard
I love my life!

Hi! I'm not mixed. (Depending on your definition of mixed, but for the case of this post, I'm just "plain ol" African American lol) But I just wanted to say not all African Americans have course hair. Most of us tend to have fine hair, but a tighter curl pattern. (I have fine hair) And greasy products don't work for anyone, ESPECIALLY people with fine hair that is tightly coiled/curled. It just blocks moisture from getting in. Grease weighs down my hair and makes it look dirty (at least that's what happened when i did it on relaxed hair). But I use coconut oil and stuff. But since I don't know what your hair looks like, I cant help you much. But if you can, try not to brush your hair too much or tug at it and make sure you use proper moisture and try a no poo or low poo method. Should help. It helped with mine, my hair (without product) is really defined when it's properly moisturized. Hope that helps some.
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Co-Wash: Vo5 Herbal Escapes Moisturizing Conditioner Free Me Freesia With Aloe Extract & Aussie Moist
Leave In Conditioner: KCKT & seal with shea butter.
Gel/Styler: KCCC or EcoStyler for edges.
I think my hair likes cones...
I'm biracial too.
My dad is from Cameroun, and my mom is from Denmark.
Try to follow these links, about bi-racial hair:

But try to find out what your hair type is, and work out from that.

But i think the most tips for natural 3a to natural 4c, works great.
I'm mixed black jamaican and white british and dutch-irish and its so hard to find the right balance in dealing with my hair.
Sometimes it needs moisture sometimes it need protein and sometimes its in protein overload
i looked to youtube to try and find a mixed hair guru that cares about being natural and doesn't constantly straighten their hair but its so hard! The amount is shockingly small!
so i decided to start my own Youtube channel despite being painfully camera shy (lol) and see if I can help anyone like me becuase i've noticed hair-tubers really band together and all suppost each other so its been helpful so far.
If anyone wants to check out my channel i'll post the link. I got by the user oOxCaramelxOo


I'd really appreciate any feedback and support I really wana help people but record my journey in finding out new things when it comes to mixed raced hair!

I live in the UK and I haven't found one biracial hair salon. I would always go to the black hair salons but it always comes out greasy and straight because they are sure how to style the curls unless its with heat. I've found the same with white hair salons, they cut my hair like it isn't curly and it ends up looking like a mushroom, and don't put enough product in it so it comes out extra fluffy....
So for now i've totally given up on over people trying to style my hair. I cut my own hair, style my own hair, colour my own hair even did a Brazilian Keratin Treatment myself...

Any other curlies know where im coming from??
Youtube User: oOxCaramelxOo


'Do Not Let Life Dictate Its Self To You.. It Is What You Make Of It'

Length of time natural: 1 year
Hair Type: Mixture of 3a,3b and 3c curls
Hair Length before natural: Above Shoulder
Hair Length Now: Arm Pit Length
Hair Length Goal: Below Chest/Mid Back
I have both Native American and German ancestry, but it goes back to my great grandparents and farther. So, essentially I'm Caucasian.

In my entire family there's only one other true curly. With absolutely no guidance, I got my 3b curls chemically straightened (with tons of comments from the hair stylist that I "just had to be mixed" because my hair "looked just like [her] half white/half black daughter."

I get comments like that often. People think I'm Mexican, mixed, or Asian (when my hair is straight).

I have to agree that it's not just biracial hair that people can't deal with. It's our difficult, but wonderful curls!
My routine:
  • Co-Wash: Suave Naturals Coconut
  • Rinse Out: Suave Coconut & Honey
  • Cold Water Rinse
  • Leave-In: Suave Naturals Coconut
  • Scrunch in a dab of olive oil
  • Gel: Herbal Essence Set Me Up
  • Plop for 45 min. to an hour
  • Clip and air dry
  • When nearly dry, pineapple for a few minutes, then SOTC
I'm just a 3a/3b curly teen trying to manage the crazy humidity in MS!
I am also black and white and I have the same issue word for word. when i get out of the shower my hair looks nice and managable but when i get to school i look like an umbrella because of the poof. ive just always had alot of hair. and ive straightened it so much that now i have breakage. so id say that length and moisture are key factors in having curly hair as my hair stylist would say
Yeah i hear what your saying living in the UK does present its problems with curly hair..
My hair is completely different to everyone in my family's (we are mixed with Native Taino indian, Indian, white and i have additional indian but we're black caribbeans lol) When they use certain products that they use in their hair it makes my hair heavy and clumpy so i have to do a clarifying wash...hairdressers don't help there are only a few natural hairdressers that are well advertised but they're PRICEY! So i dye, trim, style etc my own hair just waiting fo my hair to get to SL =)
Don't worry someone will revolutionize the hair scene for mixed curlies in the uk hopefully soon!
I gotta 4a, 4b, 3c Mane! Sutn like a lion but i'm rather tamed! ^^
Im mixed too black and hispanic and native american. Yeah, For my whole life until 12 I didnt even know my hair was curly because my mom, who is af am always did my hair ans she would do it like her's ,which didnt work for me, so it would end up poofy and greasy. Since I thought my hair was sooo poofy I ALWAYS Flatironed it, and I couldnt take care of it and it went from almost to my butt to middle of my back. BUT now thanks to tightlycurly.com and youtube also naturallycurly.com my hair is in the best condition its been in my life.
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im mixed too half black half white. i use garnier fructis anti frizz serum (silk) and la bella lots of curls gel to style it. (if you do this before bed your roots will probably be more curly) when you mix the two, you get the hold of the gel but it wont be crunchy cuz of the silk i condition it everyday but only shampoo on sundays (if you do it more than once a week you risk drying your hair out and damaging it) hope this helps girl
oh and if you want your hair to grow "faster" you can use Mane 'n Tail shampoo and conditioner (get it at walmart in the pet section or go to a pet store they prolly have it)
I'm a mix of eastern and western European. Doesn't sound crazy, but Eastern Europe (Polish and Russian) mom has coarse black hair (now gray) and Western Europe (Scottish and German) dad has baby fine light brown hair, so I got both. Literally I have coarse black colored hair and fine brown hair on my head. They didn't mix into a random medium, I just have it all lol. So one styling product can't work with both types. If it's not straightened fine hair then it's coily/kinky coarse hair.

I used to flat iron my hair everyday until I saw the little coarse 3c coils poking out of my canopy, then I gave in to being curly
CG since December '09
loo-poo: Kiss My Face Everywhere Shampoo
cowash: Suave Naturals, CJ DF
rinse out: TN
leave-in: CJHBLI, CJSL, SMRC
stylers: (rotating) CJAF, CCCC, SMCS, Ecostyler, KMFUM

love oils, avocado and castor oil are my favorite

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