What is the Most Annoying Comment(s) made about your hair??

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When people say " how did u get it like that" (I'm black with "white girl" hair mixed with "black girl hair")

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"Does the carpet match the drapes?"

Automatic deal breaker, every time. I'd almost say punch worthy, if I wasn't a chicken.
When people say " how did u get it like that" (I'm black with "white girl" hair mixed with "black girl hair")

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Originally Posted by RingletTeenLove
Yes its really annoying. But I'm just black LOL

Mrs Jones <3
Sincerly yours,

Jalissa <3
Growing up, my brother and sister loved to refer to my hair as "dead animal on your head."
Some people are like slinkies... Not really good for anything, but
you still can't help but smile when you see one tumble down the stairs.
it was a really hot summer and my hair got frizzy, some guy told me that the birds would be happy to use my hair as a nest
eughh people are always asking me why my hair is so dry, so frizzy, how i have too much volume, telling me i need a perm and that curly hair looks aweful today, one of my friends was complimenting someone's hair, and told me how she wished her hair would never look like mine. im trying my best, im not used to wearing my hair out.
My all time favorite: "Wow. You must've had a bad run in with perming. I'm so sorry."
Just because my hair is puffy doesn't mean I have heat damage! I don't even use any heat on my hair!
^Oh no! That's awful!
<3 Our love is like the wind; I can't see it. But I can feel it. <3
ohh i heard one from my sisters friend who i hate.
"you know theres a way to permanatley remove your curls"
"why would i do that?"
"oh you actually WANT them?"

now if you guys seen how she tried to dye her hair and how much damage it has
this was my respose after hers
"YOU should be the absolute LAST person to tell
me what to do with MY hair. seeing that yours is damaged now
and that blond is horrible"

she was pretty pissed off after that hahaha oh well
When people say " how did u get it like that" (I'm black with "white girl" hair mixed with "black girl hair")

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Originally Posted by RingletTeenLove

ohh i hate this one. because im full hispanic but my skin color is black and then it gets
to people trying to tell me what my race is.. like really?
On Sunday, a guy at church told me I had the hair of a gorilla.
"I don't like your hair"
"Hey! there's the walking-talking pompom." I've gotten that one quite a lot
"You need to get your hair relaxed," said by a hair stylist and some other people.
"Your hair is too huge and curly!"
"I can lose my phone in there," okay! I find that one quite funny because a pencil and comb did once get lost in my hair lol
"Pineapple head!!" when I was much younger, a female school bully called me that.

When people make negative comments about my hair, I smile at them and say, "Sorry, but I happen to love my hair," or "aaaw, too bad." I do love my hair so negative comments can't make me change how my hair is. I have had relaxed hair before and well....there's no way I'm relaxing my hair again! I love my hair how it is!

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"Your hair is so poofy and big!"
"its so fluffy!!"
"your hair is like a lions mane."
"Do you even need a pillow to sleep on at night?"
The weirdest comment i recently got was
"Your hair is like a sheep."

Last year in 8th grade i wore my hair curly to school one day(i straightened my hair everyday because I hated my hair) and this girl said "your hair is pretty in the front, if it wernt so frizzy then it would be super pretty!" (i have 3b hair in the front, and the rest is really kinky and i have straight hair in the back)
I got sort of offended but she just doesnt understand curly hair.

I dont mind those comments, I normally take them as compliments because my hair is soo much different from everybody elses at my school, and people enjoy tounching my hair. Probally 95% of the girls at my school have straight hair, and I am definatly the girl with the biggest hair and curliest hair in the whole grade. But lately people have been telling me "You should get your hair thinned." Thats the only comment i find really annoying because I like my hair, even if it is huge and Ive heard that when people with curly hair get their hair thinned, it turns out horrible and they regret it.
I'm about to be 16 and I've been straightening my hair since I was 11. Straightened, my hair is right below my shoulders. I decided I wanted to go natural. I wore my natural hair and some people asked "What happened to your hair?" "Why is your hair like that?" I try not to let people's words hurt me but they actually hurt my feelings. I just hate when people don't think before speaking. Their words are so ignorant.
As they look at me: "So, now that you cut your locs, what do you plan on doing with your hair?"...Me: "Uhh, this is it" *rolleyes*

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Originally Posted by montREALady
Girl, my own Grandma plays me the same way. She keeps asking and asking what I'm going to "do" with it when she knows damn well this is it. LOL. Next time she asks, my reply will be "Slap a relaxer on this nappy mess and dye it purple!" just to see what she says. SMH.
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modified cg.
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My friends younger sister told me, "your hairs either really thin or straight." I was like -______- i have 2b/slightly 2c wavy hair.
Mine is a nickname that my neighbors gave me. It's lion. I remind them of the lion off of the Wizard of Oz. It's so annoying when then call me that, especially at school. And if i get mad when i'm around them the always make some stupid lion joke like, "Roar! The lion is getting angry! Time to go back to your den!"
I wish my hair was big curly. Yeah it's curly and all, but i wish mine was more... voluminous lol. Be proud of your big curly hair, a lot of people envy it!
"Omg, I looove your hair straight. Why don't you do it like that more often?!"
I know they're not trying to be rude but I think I look just as good with curly hair, IF NOT BETTER!
So when they tell me that I dont flat iron my hair for months!

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In so many words some fam and friends said "Wait til that virgin hair comes back, you'll be running to the creamy crack (relaxer)"

"You aren't going to straighten it either?"

I'm going on 18 months transitioning and loving my curls, I finally cut the last of my dead (relaxed) ends.

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About my hair:
weekly shampoo-HE Honey I'm Strong
daily conditioner-HE Honey I'm Strong (use as li)
go to style-Pocahontas braids

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