What is the Most Annoying Comment(s) made about your hair??

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"Do you brush your hair?"
"Why don't you straighten your hair? "
"It's so big & poofy"

I don't get annoying comments, I get annoying gestures...people always try to touch my hair. And they would spring the coils/curls or just shove their hand(s) into it... smh. They couldn't just touch it...they had to play with it too... :/
All through high-school I wore my curly hair pulled back. The one time I wore it down (and this was with a headband to somewhat control it) a kid told me that my hair was "like, ka-boom." I was mortified.
Yess! EVERYONE tells me my hair looks better straight, and I'm like "really? you want me to spend an hour and a half every night to fry my hair?"
Oh yeah, I've had too many conversations like so:
"Hey, did you ever straighten your hair?"
"Well, you should, it (or you) would look super pretty!"
"No, I can't, it takes forever and it won't stay."
And once, a girl asked me if my hair was straight when I was little, and I said straighter, and then she said "Oh, you would look SO pretty with straight hair!"
That its damaged, when this lady who calls herself a beautician said that to me I wanted to knock her head off somewhere she wouldn't be able to find it. It's not called damaged its called natural biotch

Mrs Jones <3
Sincerly yours,

Jalissa <3
Yes i hate it when people say its damaged when its clearly not, they just don't understand hair unless its fine and thin..

I think they assume I straighten it thus thinking its damaged considering I haven't put heat on my hair since 30th September 2010..
"2 Something ATM"
Coarse, Medium- Thick, Normal Porosity

My Routine
Low 'Poo: curash soothing oatmeal conditioning shampoo
RO: tresemme naturals moisturising conditioner
LI: tresemme naturals/kinky curly knot today
Seal: mix of shea butter/coconut oil

waist length hair & finding a sexual cheapo leave in conditioner for both me and my daughter
"You should straighten your hair." I hate that.

2c or something MODCG Since December 2011!
New May 20th Routine
Co-wash:VO5 KiwiLime or VanillaMint
LI:TN, Regis OliveOil Condish, GVP CB
Styler: LALSG
Daily routine: Cleanse, LI, soak with water, scrunch in gel, plop, pixie diffuse, air dry.

Guy: "guys dont like girls with curly hair."
Me: "my ex bf loved it."
Guy (in a dead serious tone): "Oh, you mean he tolerated it?"

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One of my former classmates said on facebook that she wished I would change my hair. Umm...what does that even mean? or when someone says you would look so pretty with straight hair because I straightened my hair for 3 years and nobody ever said a word about it
"Your hair's so frizzy!!" Everyone says that, it just bugs me that they don't know the difference between curly and frizzy......
CurlyWurly2000 
"It's like a bush!" ..yeah since 6th grade people have related my hair to a bush.. -.-
Did you scrunch it?

It seems like you TRY to straighten your hair

The one that gets on my very last nerve:

Your bangs are always fuzzy, and separated.(referring to my wonderful spirally clumpy bangs)
2b waves!
Co-wash:Live clean fresh water condish
Rinse out:GFTN
Leave in:GFTN
Occasional cleanses:Live clean ACV shampoo

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I don't get annoying comments, I get annoying gestures...people always try to touch my hair. And they would spring the coils/curls or just shove their hand(s) into it... smh. They couldn't just touch it...they had to play with it too... :/
Originally Posted by favoritecolorblu
Yeah,when I wear my hair in a ponytail my friends play with it, and my mom plays with my hair when it's wet!!
2b waves!
Co-wash:Live clean fresh water condish
Rinse out:GFTN
Leave in:GFTN
Occasional cleanses:Live clean ACV shampoo

Recently CG dec 23!
Recent length: bra strap
Grow out challenge:waist length
So, one day I was in church, and a lot of older people have commented on it and said nice things about it. But one older man said, "Where did all your pretty hair go?". He turned to my mom and said, "You outta whoop her.". We kind laughed it off, then he says, "Now you go back home and find your real hair."
I say, "this IS my real hair."
He says, "I won't accept it."
that really hurt, i know we were kinda joking, but he is black too, and i think he texturizes his hair.
It's like, when you say that, it's like you're not accepting ME, because this IS how I was made, and it not gonna change!

My mom say, "why don't you comb your hair?" and I'm like I can't, It'll break. She said that's what she did to it when I was a baby, no wonder she didn't like it.

And people like to reach out and touch it. I don't like that at all.

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Well..there's a few things.

One of the most annoying things that people used to ask my mom when I was younger was "Is her hair natural? Does she have a perm or something?" Umm....NO. People don't perm their 5 year old daughter's hair. And I know it's not really mean or anything, but everybody always asks me if my hair is "naturally like that." ALL THE TIME. It's really annoying! And then there was that lady in the mall...she was selling flat irons or something and just bugged me and my mom non stop until we got quite far away from her about straightening my hair. She was like "can I please straighten her hair? It would look so pretty!" Right. And I was quite small at the time, I can't quite remember how old I was.

But, on the other hand, one lady at youth told me she loved my hair and "the curls are just so perfect!" And I really didn't think it looked that great that day. It was 3rd day hair, and I hadn't really done much to it that day. And there really are more nice things said about my hair than annoying.
"We did it, we bashed them, wee Potter's the One,
And Voldy's gone mouldy, so now let's have fun!"
This kinda sounded like a backhanded compliment...
"I just looove your afro!" This was when my hair was super frizzy, haha. Also, I get tons of, "Can I please straighten it? It would look so pretty straight!"s from people.
Oh, the day I came to school after I got the haircut that made it go curly...
-Straight hair until 4/11
-Started CG 12/26/11

Co-wash/RO/LI: Beautiful Curls Leave-In Conditioner for Wavy to Curly Hair
Gel: Beautiful Curls Hair Gel

-cowash/condition/leave-in condition
-comb hair
-supersoak and apply KCCC
-plop for 15-20 min
-plop a pineapple overnight
-just pineapple for second day hair

Short 2b and growing out!
Thanks for reading
People are generally really nice about my hair. Even when it looks REALLY frizzy (about 1/3 of the time) no one says anything rude. And some even ask if I brush it (no) and they don't even think it's that weird that I don't. The only thing is when I straighten it, I get sooo many comments about how I should do that every day. It doesn't take that long (15-20 minutes), but it does fry my hair and people don't get that.
Gaah! I dislike when people argue with me if this is my real hair or not! I'm like, "it's my real hair, no lie!" and then they go arguing with me then thrust their filthy hands into my hair both messing it up, causing a bit of frizz and getting whatever junk that was on their hands into my hair.

Here's something else:

Girl 1: Sam, did you cut your hair?
Girl 2: Yeah, it looks shorter and different.
Me: Err....you haven't seen me in like over a year. My hair's natural now.
Girl 1: Ooooh, but did you cut it?
Girl 2: You know what? Just relax your hair, that'll be better for you.
Me: I am never relaxing my hair again, I don't want damaged hair that keeps breaking. I love my curls, I've missed them so I'm keeping them! And no, I did not cut my hair
Girl 2 shuts up
Girl 1: So why does your hair look shorter? Did it break or something?
Me: My hair's actually longer than it used to be, it's just that I have a lot of shrinkage and the curls make it look shorter.
I pull me hair down a bit to show that it's longer than before
Girl 1: Cool!
Girl 2: I used to have natural hair before, but it's too hard to manage. It's better to relax your hair.
Girl 1: I like your hair like this, Sam.
Me: Thanks. And to you, like I said before, I'm not relaxing my hair. I can manage my hair, I know how to work with it and I'll rather have hard to work with hair than damaged hair.

(the Girl 2 totally pissed me off. She's had like super straight hair most of her life and she thinks I must have it too. The annoying thing is that people like my curls!).

Here's something that happened on the 14th of Dec:

Marissa: I wonder how you work with your hair (helping me take out my braids)
Raddie: I thought your hair was longer (show her my actually longer hair length)
Raddie: Oh! that's cool! Your hair's like a rubber band (describing it's elasticity)
Sholly: You still have to straighten your hair.
Marissa: She doesn't use heat on her hair
Raddie: That's true, she doesn't.
Mojola: Why aren't you straightening your hair?
Marissa: She doesn't use heat.
Mojola: Why are you always so different, I don't know what's wrong with you.
Naomi: You should relax or texturize your hair, it's too curly.
(Marissa and Raddie go into a room to dress up because we had a formal dinner we had to leave for soon. She leaves Naomi to help with taking my braids out. So... Naomi takes a pair of scissors and cuts my braids! I had some extensions in, yeah, but if anyone had trouble taking out the ends of the extensions, I cut off the ends for them because the extensions were longer than my actual hair. Naomi picked up those scissors and slashed my hair. I had lost about 2 inches of hair (I'm not talking bout extensions). So, Naomi left (after cutting), I felt like crying because she didn't care bout what she did. Marissa and Raddie come out wearing their dresses, but holding their shoes. They drop them on the sofa and come back to help)
Raddie: What happened to your hair?
Me: Naomi cut it?
Raddie: Why?
Me: I don't know, she was just to help me take out the braids.
Marissa: Don't ever let her touch your hair again!
Me: I'm not planning on ever letting her even feel my hair again.
Sholly, Mojola and one other person: If you just relaxed your hair or kept it relaxed and not decided to go natural, you won't be having this problem.
Mojola: I can still lend you my straightener if you want to borrow it.
Nicole: Someone has a hot comb and a blow drier if you want to use them.
Me (trying to keep calm): No, thank you

My mum and a counsellor (I'm close to) walked into the room then. They helped me take out the rest of my hair. I was practically crying while they did that because of Naomi cutting my hair and people making comments about relaxing, straightening, blow drying, or hot combing my hair like my curls were such terrible things to have. Marissa had to go because she had a date, she had planned on staying with me, but the counsellor told her that they'll handle my hair issue and I'll meet up with her later. Raddie, however, insisted on going with me. So, she stayed, tried to make me feel better and all, but she knew that I felt like just going home. At the end of the day, we went to the dinner together (and shared a date, who became our date when we reached the dinner venue), we laughed together when my hair got huge and frizzy (but still didn't look that bad). Marissa sat at a table beside us and we talked, she took photos of me and my hair (the cut was hidden quite well). I felt better but.... by the next week, when those other girls saw that my hair was still natural, they were like, "you'll never listen!"

(I'm quite emotional about my hair sometimes. Esp. if I had a rough and frustrating day)
Things I use: Olive Oil, Canola oil, rosemary oil, aloe vera gel, shea butter, mayonnaise, eggs, milk, bananas

Everything I use is 100% natural. I make most of them myself because then I'm sure what's in it and I'm sure nothing's added, it's pure, it's natural.

Things I avoid: Mineral oil (codename: Baby oil), heat (I'm a total, no hair driers, no straighteners, no curling irons, no flat irons, no hot combs...nada), sodium chloride

Growing plan: At least 6 inches longer in a year.

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