What is the Most Annoying Comment(s) made about your hair??

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It feels like a cloud ! Like really who says that ?!?!
My mom always comments: "Did you brush your hair today??"
Code for "Your hair doesn't look decent to me and I don't want you to go out looking like that"
Originally Posted by voguefashion334
yeah my mom does that too i thought my hair looked pretty nice
One time I felt confident about my hair so I decided to wear it down to school. This one kid asked iF I got hit by lightning -.-
Probably when I'm leaving and my mom asks, "is your hair done?"
And when people tell me that I should straighten my hair more often.
I went to Sally's once and was having conversation with the cashier, who seemed to have straight hair, about hair stuff. This random Black woman comes out of nowhere and says to the cashier "She can't do that, she doesn't have your hair." Then I start talking about how I mix oil and water in a bottle and spray it on my hair. The women then proceeds to tell me that it does more harm then good to my hair. I'm thinking "Obviously my hair is fine." This woman says that she's a hairstylist, but yet she was damn near bald. Smh. I wanted to scream and tell her off.
Lets see, the most annoying one, that i'm sure every curly girl gets is. "You would look sooo pretty if you straightened your hair!" Really, why would you say that? I think I look absolutely fine the way I am. People try to act like its a compliment?
Another one is "its so poofy." I don't really need to hear that, your input is not needed. Just because your hair is as flat as piece of paper doesn't mean anythings wrong with mine.
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Where do I begin? Lol well my family mostly my cousins always comment on how puffy my hair looks. And if I have it in a Afro there all like Wow! Your hair looks like the sun.
( because my Afro is round) And people told me they like my hair straight And stuff. Also I'm adopted and I was with my mom who is white and with my little sister at the store, and at the time we both had Afros.

We'll this lady comes up to us while we are looking at stuff at walmart and she says. " U know they have this hair product called a relaxer that the girls can use on their hair" like we didnt have a clue about that. and at the moment I wanted to take her out lol. Ugh people are so rude.

Also people grab and smoosh down my hair when it's in a afro and say that it feels like a pillow. And my dad says my hairs cool cause I have a portable pillow lol
*touches my hair* OMG I can't believe its so soft and smells so good. Like because I have natural hair it would be hard and stink

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For me the most annoying comment someone has ever said to me was

..:Omg! You would look really pretty if you had straight hair!" Like that's a compliment! Another time would be when i was walking down a street and a random person went "EWW, Your hair is so curly!

But then again i have gotten many compliments from random people on streets also.., like this one guy was like, "DAMN GIRL WORK THOSE CURLS"

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Originally Posted by CurlyRachie111
From what I can see in your avatar, your hair is beauuuutiful. I wish i had curls like those!!
Luckily where I live everyone seems to like curly hair, and those who don't haven't said anything to me about it. Sometimes people call me a lion, but I actually love it, haha.
I always wear my hair in an afro puff, and one of my friends says my hair is poofy and bushy

I haven't gotten any compliments, or anything like that when I've gone out in public yet, but I do get stares- the good and bad
I get stares of shock and amazement. Its wierd because their faces kind of light up
About my hair:
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The two comments that infuriate me were . . . Your hair would look so nice straight . . . . . . And It's so puffy
First people tell you to straighten your hair cuz they're scared your beautiful curls will get more attention than their dull straight hair
Second, just cuz its big and beautiful doesn't mean it's puffy, it's pretty and unique and we should be proud of it
Trust me more people and especially guys have commented on my hair looking really nice while it's curly and not straight

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I've always been pretty insecure about my curly hair and even though I'm following most of the CG method I'm still combating Frizz.........and negative comments. In retrospect this is a rather funny story but I had no idea how to respond then.

I was walking into class, minus my BFF who was on a trip, when one of the football players(behind me) was "Hey her hair looks like a poodle." Being guys they laughed and my teacher smiled at me and said "Morning Curly Sue. I LIKE it." She's such a crazy little old lady I did have to smile then. Well the said football player came back in looking a bit sheepish and asked me. "Did you hear what I said?" I nodded and he stared at my hair for a minute.
"Is your hair naturally curly?" Again I nodded.
"Oh......well sorry."

So I still can't figure out if he was apologizing for being mean or because my hair was naturally curly
Regardless I'm glad I found this site and other people who go through the same "If only you would straighten your hair....." From various girls who straighten their already straight hair every morning.
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I also get the "youd look sooo pretty if you straighten your hair...", but the most annoying comment about curly hair was when all of my friends were together and so ne of them shows us a pic of a girl with straight hair and says "she is SO ugly. Plus, she has her hair straighten in the photo, but shes naturally curly". As if having curly hair automatically made you more ugly. I said "So? do you have any problem with curly hair?" She just looked at another girl and laughed nervously. Ugh. Sooo annoying!
The most annoying comment came from my sister last week when I got my senior pictures. She said "What happened, did you forget it was picture day?" Referring to the fact that my hair was big -___-
Oh my god, do you have a fro? *stupid look*

-_- really It's like me asking a brunette if their hair is brown. DUH! XP

Does your hair grow that curly?

*super sarcastic voice* No, every morning i get up and wrap every peice around a pencil. (most are smaller, but I can't think of anything smaller at the moment)

Them: Do you like your fro?

Me: Yes.

Them: Why don't you straiten it?


Why don't you pick it out? That would be SO awesome!

and painful and time consuming and did i mention PAINFUL? I did? oh, well then....

But you should pick it out!

Oh, and by another biracial girl--> Your hair is so curly! DOn't you hate it?

I was like ARE YOU INSAINE WOMAN?!?!?!?! on the inside, but out side all i said was no. XD
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Hair is kinda fine and kinda thick.
Super short, I'd like definition but styling products don't like me

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wow ^

The other day, someone told me I was gross and she didn't want to ever touch my hair again because she found out I was CG and another of her friends was too and well, the three of us are all natural (including the girl that called me gross).

"Is that a weave?"

"Are you wearing a wig?"

"Where did you get your wig from?"

"You should seriously get your hair relaxed"

"Aren't you going to straighten your hair or something?"

"Your hair's short," talking about my hair after it shrunk. I tell the person, it just shrunk and it's actually way longer than it looks (hair was on my forehead), "suuure *sarcastically* just admit it, you have short hair," I hold a bit of my hair at the front and pull it downwards, it goes all the way to right below my lower lip before it doesn't stretch any further and the person's like, "oh, wow," then I pull one on the side, it it goes all the way to right below chin level, then I pull one at the back and it goes to right below collar bone length, and the person's like, "your hair is actually quite long," (comparing it to the other girls' there) and I'm like, "nooo *sarcasm* it's very short!"
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"Is your hair NATURALLY curly?" - From everyone, everywhere, ever

"Your hair would be SO pretty if you straightened it!"

"You should straighten your hair every day."

"You have fire hair, eww it'll burn me!" - Insults from ignorant kids when I was younger

"Do you ever brush your hair?"

"Do you curl your hair?"

"How does your hair do that?"

"I bet you want straight hair."

"You don't just wake up like that, do you?" - heard this today

"My hair is SO curly just like yours... Except I have to straighten it." - says a girl with 2a hair at best when she leaves it natural

"You should cut your hair. It's too long."

"She spends HOURS twirling it and scrunching it." - My parents, & brother (LITERALLY TAKES LIKE 10 MINUTES. COME ON. XD)

"If you take her in the hair care aisle you'll never get her back" - annoying because it's true v.v

These are not in consecutive order of how annoying they are.
So i go to a all white school( only about 15 blacks in the whole school) but that dosent bother me but one day at carpool my friend came up and touched my hair and she was like "can you vacuum your hair" i had the wtf face on 0.o but i calmed down and said what makes you say that...... she was like "because your hair feels like carpet" .......
At that moment the ghetto me was about to come out but i decided that it wasn't worth it and she was ignorant about afro textured hair.... ^.^

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