I have kind of an Emo/Scene style, and I wanted to Tease my hair. Not the 80's type of teasing, but more like an Emo chick. I have one problem- I have curly hair. I am not African American, although I am mixed, and for some reason, I have VERY kinky hair. I do relax my hair every once in a while, I wash it ONCE a week, and I straighten it. (I wash, dlow dry, then flat iron every week) and only relax every once in a while. Everytime I try to tease it, (while it is straight) it just looks...awkward. I kind of am looking for it to be teased at the top and straight at the bottom if you know what I mean? Maybe I need layers for that? Anyone have tips on how I can make it look kind of punkish? An example picture is below. Please help, thanks !
(I apologize if the picture does not show up, just look up keywords on google like emo/scene hair, emo teased hair)

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