Track and field curls...=YIKES!

Hey all you curly girls I have an important questions to ask. Well, this upcoming school year I'm going to be a freshman and I'm joining the track and field and cross country team. Of course focusing on your running is always the most important but I couldn't help noticing how awful my hair looks after a run! Is there any way I could fix this? Most of the time I just stick it in a ponytail when I wake up and go running with my mom but seeing how that turned out I'm not sure it's such a good idea anymore. But I don't want to take a shower either just to only have o take another one after I get home. Please help! Oh and if any of you has done either track and field or cross country please tell me how it is cuz I'm a newbie! Thanks so much!
You can try putting your hair in a bun so you can protect it better while you run. That way, the wind isn't ripping thru your ponytail (which can dry up your hair). Hope this helps and good luck with track & field!
i am a cross country runner and when u go running i love tohave my hair back but cute! so normally i will french braid my bangs back ( or a front section of hair if you dont have bangs) then i pull it into a medium pony tail then when i get home i take it out and take a shower . this also works great if you wore your hair curly at school but then had a race after school!
Thanks you guys for ur awesome replies! I will try both of those hair styles
I would advise you to use a gel with a hard hold, such as LALSG. Honestly though, please don't worry about your hair - focus on the sport! This is a hair forum, after all, so please don't think I am trying to belittle your question. I just think track is way cooler than hair.

Best of luck!

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