I wanted to know what routine you use for your hair.

i heard a simple routine is:
Rinse Out
Leave In
Clear Gel

if you do the simple routine what products are you using
I wanted to know what routine you use for your hair.

i heard a simple routine is:
Rinse Out
Leave In
Clear Gel

if you do the simple routine what products are you using
Originally Posted by anacos123
I use burts bees shampoo and conditioner 3 times a week and put coconut oil when it is still wet and let air dry. I keep a spritz bottle of water in my locker for when my hair gets dry. I do not comb often but when I do I use a wide tooth comb and do so gently.

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Co-wash with Suave Naturals Coconut.
Detangle with Suave Naturals Coconut, but braid hair, leave conditioner in for a few minutes while I wash my bodily things.
Scrunch dry with tee-shirt or curl cloth.
Scrunch in IC Style Polishing Gel or LA Looks Sport gel.
Diffuse a little to remove a good chunk of the water. (My hair takes three hours to dry naturally, haha.)
3a. Hiiiigh porosity. ii density. Fine.

Co-Wash: Suave Naturals Coconut/VO5 Tea Therapy.
Detangle: Renpure Organics My Pretty Hair is Parched!/Suave Naturals Coconut/VO5 Tea Therapy.
Leave-In: Aussie 3 Minute Miracle.
Gel: LA Looks Sport or Fantasia IC Hair Polisher Styling Gel.

I use natures gate shampoo like once every week or two condition almost every day with in-kind curl care conditioner rinse out all the way squeeze out extra water flip upside down shake at the roots scrunch in flax gel scrunch out more water and another layer is FSG.........
My routine
wash with Garnier Fructis Sleek and shine shampoo/condish
Style with Tigi Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier(or Tigi bedhead Curls Rock), Garnier Fructis Leave-in(on really humid days), and a bit of shine serum
Plus, I just had my hair cut to a curly bob, so it's really easy to style(:
My routine:

1. Co wash with tresemme naturals or suave coconut (whichever im in the mood for)
2. Rinse, then apply my detangling conditioner: yes to carrots and i leave it in for about 5 minutes then comb through my hair with a wide toothed comb
3. Rinse, leave hair sopping wet
4. Rake through KCKT, rake through KCCC then i scrunch and pump in some more KCCC
5. Excellent curls! ^.^

I also do a weekly deep treatment and weekly lo poo. I use coconut oil to scrunch out the crunch from the curling custard and use the oyin pomade for frizz! a kitty cat...and i dance dance dance
2B/2C hair!

Shampoo: GTTT, SheaMoisture
Condish Tresemme naturals, GFTN
DT: Lustrasilk + honey
Styling products: Ouidad CC, TIGI Catwalk, KCCC, PaulMitchell Sculpting Foam
Oils: Coconut
Cowash= suave naturals coconut
Rinse out=Garnie fructis pure clean
Leave in= instead of a leave in I use garnier fructis pure clean smoothing cream
Gel= moptop anti-frizz gel

This is the best i've found so far.
Cowash: Tresemme Naturals
Detangler: Garnier Fructis Pure Clean
Leave in: Tresemme Naturals nourishing moisture with honey, LA Looks gel

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