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I'm a middle school teacher and most of my kids have never seen somebody w/ natural hair. So I have a lot of touching and examining of the curls. Most of my kids don't get how my curls just spring back to normal. It doesn't bother me but it just depends on how ppl approach me. My kids know how I am so they dont do too much but random ppl I have to explain to them.
HAHA! love this thread...well, i'm currently transitioning but I could never forget that ONE 'touchy' experience 2 years ago.

I was at the rest room with my sister in a mall, drying my hands at a dryer, when we got out my sister had a stunned look at her face. I asked her what happened and she told me that for the whole time I've been busy with my hands, a woman was behind me busy touching my hair with a big smile on her face. My sister described her face as if she was amazed with my hair... HAHAHAHAHA

well, probably she hasn't seen such curly hair before (i'm a 3c) since there are not much curly hair here in the Philippines. Love it!
My students are hilarious about it b/c they see its stretched and when it's shrunken and they just don't know how that can happen lol. The will pull a coil and see it bounce back and are so amazed

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yeah like my friends play with it and touch it a lot and there always like it's so puffy and im just like umm it's not suppose to be... :S
They don't usually touch it, just make obnoxious comments like "Wow, how do get hair like that?". Me: "Well, I get out of the shower, put in some gel..." Person (in an obnoxious tone): "NO! That's NOT what I MEAN!" Me: "Actually, then, what DO you mean?"
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There are these 4 little girls at my church that love to pull and boing my curls whenever they are down.. I don't mind it too much until they start to grab handfuls and pull really hard! One day my hair was looking really good and then they came and messed with it and it got all frizzy and poofy! not cool!
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My friends call my ringlets, "Doo Doo Rolls". Half of the time I get really bored in class and stuff and I just find a curl that isn't that ringltyy and I will twist it with my finger and they will come up to me and try and "unravel" my curls. It's the funnest thing. Then I have people that just touch my hair and be like, "I thoughy curly hair was suppose to be rouch and hardd.." I was like, not this girl. Haha, but yes, all the time!

Oh yeah, and they love to pull them & watch the curls spring up.. Haha
Always always always.
They try to boing my curls. And i ALWAYS tell them to stop but they get upset so I let them boing one, so then they want to really make it boing up, so they yank on my hair really hard. It's way worse when I wear my hair down. It makes me feel all claustrophobic and OCD and anxiety-attack-prone. (all of which I am, but more than usual.)

It's annoying.

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I might as well get ready for it b/c I'm going to be around my family all weekend

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i HATE it when people touch my hair, even my mom. it looks good when i get out of the shower, but when you even touch it, frizz time!! people are like your hair is sooo pretty *touch* and then it immediately frizzes. no more complements for me i'm 3b/3c btw.
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All the time people in my class touch my hair😂 they put stationary in it then just laugh.😁
Ugh this one guy I dated wanted to handle my hair like it was straight hair and he would just like brush his hand through it and it would break all over the place. It pissed me off so hard and he would just tell me I'm too obsessive about my hair (which is true lol). I should have just dumped his dumb ass then cause I caught him with three different girls.

People always ask me if they can touch my hair and I usually tell them no or that they can touch it but they can't brush through it. Guys I date for some reason just go ahead and do whatever they want and it's such a pet peeve.
My husband can touch my hair however he wants...
As long as its a friend I don't think its rude, but I do want to say sometimes "if you only knew the amount of time and effort went into styling this and now you're combing it out with your fingers!.......)
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People often touch my hair, and I want to tell them to stop but I love the feeling of people playing with my hair But if it gets to be too much, I tell them to stop.
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