Tip for ppl with greasy hair!

Ok so if u have greasy hair here is a tip that will help get rid of it being so greasy!!!!!!!!!! Even if u feel like u need to wash ur hair because it's greasy don't. Wash it every other day.... And if for a while the second day it feels gross pull your hair back and poof or braid a font section of ur hair ( or bangs) to cover it. After u start noticing ur hair does not get nearly as greasy on the second day skip 2 days without washing it!!!!! Also do the cover thing and wait till ur hair does not get as greasy then skip 3 days.... Now if u want to use a dry shampoo I would only use it when ur skipping atleast 3 days without washing! Use it on the middle day. I have a friend who has done this and in only 1 month she is going evry 4 days without washing it and the day before she washes it it hardly looks greasy! Some of u can " train ur hair" to go longer and some may only do 3 days.... But just not washing Ur hair will help with ur curls!!!!!!! So I know his post is getting long but here is one last tip!!! I would recommend washing ur hair 2 times a week ( if u can get it to not be greasy for that long) because with curly hair I'm guessing u use product and product buildup leaves ur hair coarse and takes away moisture! I hope Hesse tips work for u!
I've used this tip when my hair is curly or straight--

Use body powder or talc on greasy spots. (The kind that soaks up moisture) This works wonder on sucking up the grease !!! You have to work it through well though if you have dark hair. I have brunette hair and I've gone up to a week ! (That's a MAJOR deal for me)
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(thats me ^)
When you say wash do you mean with shampoo or conditioner? I have been co-washing & I thinking my bangs get greasy bc of the moisturizer I use on my face, but I have to use something. Thanks
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wish I had more curls
Also looking for suggestions & help

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