Frizzy in Florida [S.O.S.!]

I live on the West coast of Florida near the Gulf of Mexico. It's hot, and getting hotter and it's still technically spring. Needless to say I'm in for some trouble. I have 3b hair, sometimes 3a and unless I douse it with conditioner 4 times a day (which makes it look very greasy) then it sticks out literally 6 inches from my face on each side.
What has been working for me for the last few months has been to spritz it with a mixture of mostly water but some conditioner, styling cream, and a tiny bit of gel that I mixed in a spray bottle (never been used for anything else before so I know I'm not getting Windex in my hair)
After getting it nice and damp, I'd comb it with a wide-toothed comb and then a fine-toothed comb, then rub some Herbal essences mousse into it focusing on the ends and just kind of play with my hair to get little tame curls.
That has recently stopped lasting as long as it used to, obviously due to the increased heat/humidity (joy) and this is what I have to work with lately:

Can you recommend any products or techniques or ANYTHING that will help reduce the poofiness of my hair?
Hey. Im from florida too and I also use to comb my hair while it was wet but now I don't brush it at all exceptif im going to straighten it or curl it with a curling iron. It kind of sounds gross not to brush but believe me it is way curlier and a lot less frizzy. Also Tressemme curling mousse it better for frizz than Herbal Essences.

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When i do my hair 3c/b i usualy put in the poduct with my hair soking and rake it through with my fingers. Then i diffuse if i have time and if i dont i take a tee short and scrunch all the wet out with the towel it usually stays nice if i dont touch it. So do not touch it unless ur twirlin it around ur finger. The end proudct is nice curl-waves yay try it.
Thanks! Yeah, i twist it around my finger. I never have time to diffuse, plus I don't have a diffuser x)
but I do use the t-shirt
I am from the gulf too and I have system that works wonders. What I do is take a spray bottle that produces a fine mist (mine is some 8.5 oz bottle that used to have blow dry lotion in it) and I put three pumps of Deva OneCondition and one and a half pumps of AnGel then fill the bottle with hot water and shake until it is mixed. I will then spray it all over my hair until it is slightly damp. I run my hands over my hair and then scrunch it a bit. It is amazing on my 3b hair.
I'm a 3b born in South Florida so I can totally relate to the humidity and heat problems. I go to Florida every year and I pretty much do the same routine that I do at home. I take a shower (and now ive learned from someone on this website that you should rinse your hair I'm cold water not HOT cuz I reduces the frizz hot water causes) Right one I'm using the devacurl line of products. They're not perfect but they definetly make my hair look the best out of all the I've tried up to this point. I've also heard mixed chicks is a god product which I'm gonna buy soon. Anyways, from the devacurl line I use Nopoo, One Condition, Set it Free spray, and B-Leave In. After I use all of those I clip the front part of my hair back so it's not in my face and wa la! I get hair that's not extremely poofy even in the hot humidity of Florida! Oh and one more thing, never use shampoo! Ever! Use a Nopoo product that doesn't contain sulfate or just don't shampoo at all! Hope this helped some!

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