ive been conditioning everyday and ive stopped using shampoo. my hair is still very dry and frizzy. i shower in the mornings, put leave in conditioner, plop but my hair is frizzy after 20 minutes of drying. my hair is about 1 inch past my shoulders but im trying to grow it out. i hate putting it in ponytails but i cant stand the frizz. what do i do?
Maybe try different products?? I am using a curl gel spray by Pantene right now that's working pretty good. and definitely try to avoid touching your hair while it's wet, it will make it extra frizzy. Your hair might be in need of some moisture too. Hope that was helpful!!
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Try using some sort if gel over ur leave in it will cut out some of the frizz and give more curl definition.... Gel was pretty much the answer to my curly problems
i agree with frannie. Gel has helped soo much for me. I use LA Looks Sports Gel and it works awesomely for me.
By the way, does your conditioner have silicones? If it does, you need to find new conditioner.
If that's not the case, I would recommend you to use a deep treatment because that really helps. Also did you recently stopped using shampoo? If you did, you hair might be adjusting to the no shampoo routine, which can take a while.
Here's a message I wrote in response to another user's post but it may help you too. Sorry it's kind of long.-

I have a very similar problem. I'm so tired of wearing my hair in buns, ponies, and braids and I would really like a change from all the stress it has put on my scalp. I've also been doing a lot of research for the past couple of months.
Here are some tips to help you get rid of the frizz:

-Don't wash hair too frequently to avoid drying out hair and causing frizz (I wash mine about once a week)
-Use sulfate/silicone free products
-Never comb hair dry because it will ruin the shape of your curl and cause extreme frizz (make sure you gently comb through hair with a wide tooth comb while wet)
-Deep condition hair once a week
-Sleep on silk pillow case (I've heard it helps to reduce frizz but have yet to try doing this)
-Rinse hair with cold water after washing/ getting out of shower (I've tryed this but have yet to see any noticeable results. It's said to reduce frizz though).
-Avoid touching hair too much after you've styled it for the day
-Maybe try the Ouidad "rake and shake" method? I recently read about it but haven't tryed it. It's a method of styling curls to get them defined and frizz free. I'll probably try it soon. (Go to Ouidad.com)

As for products, I still haven't found any that I absolutely love but I am currently using Carol's Daughter Tui Shampoo and Hair Smoothie which has worked wonders on my hair. Though I'm still struggling to find a good leave-in conditioner that will leave my curls defined without making them crunchy, dry, or too oily.

*While products are important I also think getting a good cut is equally important to get rid of split ends that cause frizz and to get more defined curls (I'm going to get a cut in a few weeks, and I'm hoping it will fix my frizzy/undefined curls problem that's preventing me from wearing my hair down.) But make sure you go somewhere where they know how to cut curly hair! I I suggest going somewhere where they practice the "devacut" method of cutting hair. I've heard really good things about it and it's the cut I'm going to try in a few weeks (fingers crossed it will help my hair). You can look it up online.
Oh and try not to towel dry your hair. It causes a lot of frizz. You can use an old T-shirt instead. Also, as I said in the post above, I'm having a hard time finding a good leave-in conditioner. You guys mentioned you should use gel. Is there any good leave-in conditioners/gels you would recommend?

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