Could I rock a crop?

Longtime lurker, finally joined up! Every time a haircut rolls around, I end up spending far too much time on this site, but I love how positive everyone is about their hair types. Hopefully some of you can help me reach a consensus on what to do for this summer...

I have thick (think, "frizzy"), wavy hair, probably about a 2c, an overgrown shoulder-length cut. I tend to have loose ringlets, and for the last year and I half I've been styling my hair with a combination of Bumble&Bumble/Idolmaker Curly/Aussie "Sprunch." Usually, just a little curl enhancer and either hairspray or mousse works to keep the ringlets tight and the rest of my hair relatively smooth, but it's impossible to style dry and I feel I need a change.

I've always loved uber-short cuts like Audrey Hepburn's, Carey Mulligan's, and Audrey Tautou's. I've heard mixed things about curly hair and crops/pixie cuts. But summer is nigh, and I think it might at last be time for me to give it a go. What do you guys think? And if you have any other suggestions for a short 'do that might spice this summer up, I'd love to hear!

(Attached are two photos--one from the front, which gives you an idea of my face shape, and one from the back. Both are on beautiful hair days--most of the time, my hair spends its time in a ponytail where I can't see it.)
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Could I rock a crop?-hairback.jpg   Could I rock a crop?-hairfront.jpg  

First, your curls are very pretty! (Bumble&Bumble's products are no-no's for curls, though. Lots of nasty stuff in them. Not sure about Aussie.)

Second, I love Audrey Tautou's pixie--I think you could pull it off! That being said, I like your hair long as well. Lucky for you, there are a ton of curly girls who've gotten pixies around here, and from what I've seen, they all look great! You should check them out for inspiration(if you haven't done so already)

Have you talked to your hair dresser about it?
I think Bumble&Bumble put it best:WILD CHILD AMAZON WARRIOR BOMBSHELL

2c/3a Botticelli curls
started CG 27. May 2011

Curl inspiration: Nicole Kidman's natural curls, the 80's/90's careers of Laetitia Casta & Eva Herzigova, the artwork of Milo Manara

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