should i get a pixie cut?

i just don't know if i should cut my hair short(er) i alwaaaays wanted to get a pixie cut but im not sure if it'll look good with my face ect. so i have 2 pics... (of face and hair type)

ducky1.jpg picture by mkldfsj - Photobucket
ducky1.jpg picture by mkldfsj - Photobucket

sorry its so long photobucket "^^ so what do you think? have any styles in mind? pic would help
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I think you can pull it off but you should do a pixie with a longer bang. You should also thin out and shape your brows.
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I think you'd look adorable.

Go for it.

(Didn't notice a problem with your brows. You're very cute.)
yeah I think you could so do it!! I'm sorta jealous of you I've been dying for a pixie cut but I have yet to find a style that would work with my hair type and is still cute :P even though I'm sure there are a lot somewhere, I just dont know where that place is... anyways yea go for it
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thank you! the problem is i just dont know what style "/

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