My new, DIY bangs. Honest opinions?

I woke up this morning, decided I wanted bangs, and sat down on my bedroom floor and cut myself some. Scariest decision ever, but I'm not hating myself for it. Besides making me look 12 (which I did anyway), I actually like them! I'm attaching a picture.

So, like or dislike? I swear that this isn't a "give me compliments!" post, I really just want to see what some of you guys think before I show my mom and possibly give her a heart attack. Haha, if you think they're hideous, feel free to be honest!

If you respond, thank you so much
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My new, DIY bangs. Honest opinions?-screen-shot-2011-07-05-2.50.29-pm.jpg  
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I like how you're wearing them to the side.
They're gorgeous! I think if your mom has any sense she'll agree with how great they look! I wish that if I cut my hair myself it would turn out as neat as they look!
i always cut my own hair, and do random things like that
in my experiences i've never had a bad feeling about it or regret ever.
their really cute :3
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very cute!! and btw, you have awesome curls!!
<3 Our love is like the wind; I can't see it. But I can feel it. <3
They really suit you and your bouncy curls are absolutely beautiful!
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Very Very cute wish I could cut my own bangs
The bangs look awesome, and you have gorgeous hair! That's a lot better than I could ever do cutting my own hair! Good Job (:
i think that they're cute! a little voluminous, but cute! if i did that it would probably stick out at a right angle from my head haha (i'm 3b/3c)
Did you cut them dry? Or just eyeball them for shrinkage amount?
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They're totally cute!
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You are beautiful!
Ahhh, thank y'all so much! Everyone is so nice here!

I cut them dry, because I was too scared to do it the other way. And I cut each curl individually. It's been a few days and I still like them! They're long enough to braid or pin back when I'm working out or something, so I think I got pretty lucky (:

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