One of my worst hair salon experiences, what's yours?0

Went to a new salon with a picture of a layered curly bob, with the shortest layers hitting chin length and the longest skimming the shoulders. I ended up looking exactly like little orphan annie...I couldn't even straighten it or clip it back, it was that short. I didn't want to go home and show my family, I was horrified.

After a few months it looked cute with headbands or pinned back, but it was a hard few months til it grew a bit.

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Haha yes I've been through that before for some reason I thought my hair would look good above my shoulders... Big mistake!!
ughhhh thats HORRIBLEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

My worst salon experience was this: I went to a cheapy salon at Walmart, idr what they'r called... This weird Asian guy who didn't speak English. He didn't wash my hair, just started cutting... There was no mirror, so I didn't know what he was doing.... When I finally looked in the mirror, my bangs were cut up to my roots, and weirdly styled - blowed and hairsprayed to my head and chopped extremely short.... In the back, I descovered later, he chopped one huge giant chunk out of the back of my hair!!!!!!! It looked AWFUL!!!!! And it took almost a year to grow out -_-..... Ughhh you have NOO idea how frustrated I was!! >:@
This is going to turn into a massive rant.
I have never really been totally satisfied with a haircut, and as a result have gone to different hairdressers each time is the endless search for the perfect salon. One particularly bad experience was when I was trying to grow my hair, which I told the hairdresser, as I have learnt to be VERY specific, which I could tell was very annoying for her. I said I just needed the layers trimmed (as little as possible- to which she said could be about half a centimeter, as my hair was healthy and I cut it often), especially around my face. We went to wash my hair, and she gets out the shampoo, which I advised was not a good idea, as I only used conditioner. She was horrified, and told me that must be “disgustingly dirty”. I explained the whole thing to her, and she got really offended, telling me that she was the one who went to hairdressing school, she knew what she was doing, and for me to stop telling her how to do her job. She washed my hair and brushed it, quite violently, with a fine tooth comb, which took her so long due to my thick curls that by the time she had finished, my hair was dry and tangled again. Then she goes and cuts a huge chunk of my hair to the shortest layer. I told her that I had just asked for a trim of my layers, and she goes “oh, I thought this is what you meant. You should be more specific”. !?!? She didn’t even touch the layers around my face, but I didn’t say anything, afraid of how much she would chop off. She proceeded to blow dry my already dried out hair, and comb it out again (burning my ear and complaining about how tangled and frizzy it was), resulting in absolutely no curl, just short, triangle shaped frizz.
We went out to the reception where my mum was waiting. My mum said she wasn’t going to pay $95 for such a disaster, to which they replied that it wasn’t their fault that my hair was so frizzy. My mum pulled out a photo of my hair showing them that it was curly, not simply frizz. They said that I had obviously had my hair curled, and said that we were liars trying to trick them into a free haircut. They also said they could straighten my hair, and it would look much better, but it would cost extra.
Needless to say, I am still in search of my dream hairdresser.
Originally Posted by maggie000
To me this one wins. Seriously? Calling you a lair!?
I haven't really had a bad salon experience. Only a couple of times where they have cut my bangs way to short.. haha
My worst experience was 6 months ago. I wanted side swept bangs and all over layers to take the weight out of my hair so my curls would be more defined. The woman cut my bangs backwards! I have a natural part that I can't change (i get it from my mom) and I told her what side my part was on and she of course saw it before she started cutting but she ended up cutting it the other way and I didn't notice until I got home so I had to fix it which meant I had really short bangs for a couple months. Also at the same visit she cut a big chunk out of the bottom of my hair thankfully when my hair is natural you can't even tell. I will never go to that woman again.

Oh and another experience was when I had a pixie cut. I was getting a new style and this woman was twisting my hair and then she used a razor and kept whacking at it like she was cutting down a tree and at the back of my head she cut a little to much and I had a almost bold spot. My mom noticed and came up to her and told her that about the almost bald spot and showed her and the woman argued that there wasn't one and then she got mad and stopped cutting my hair and left a big section on top of my hair (my bangs and a more) uncut so I had long not cut section on top of my hair. horrible textured hair and a almost bald spot. Needless to say I have never gone back to that woman either.
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My worst experience was being at the salon for 12 HOURS!!!! YES YOU THAT CORRECTLY 12!!!! from 6 am to 6 pm... On a Saturday too... But my hair was cute tho...

Lots of Luck, Love, ... And Curls!!!
I recently went into the salon, with very long, almost waist length hair.
I just wanted it made healthy and all the split ends etc. taken off, but this woman who isn't my usual hairdresser cuts my hair. She cuts it, leaving it just under my shoulders. I cried and cried and cried. It was awful.
I recently went into the salon, with very long, almost waist length hair.
I just wanted it made healthy and all the split ends etc. taken off, but this woman who isn't my usual hairdresser cuts my hair. She cuts it, leaving it just under my shoulders. I cried and cried and cried. It was awful.
Originally Posted by Aehm1
Couldn't you see her cutting it?
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I have heard good things about the salon "QUE colour" and for a colorist Monique in particular, so I decided to give it a try.
To begin with, I had a consultation where I was assured that everything would be ok and I can come back in a couple of months (I guess she needed a refresher course).
On the appointed day instead of a beautiful hairstyle Monique refused to dye my hair. She was arguing that I would not like the result.
Unacceptable behaviors, such as poor customer service and ignoring rules/policies and the fact that I was forced to wait for an appointment so long make me feel disappointed. I would NOT recommend this place to anyone!
And one more disappointment: "QUE colour" was keeping my deposit, which I have paid in advance. I had to make 3 phone calls to "QUE colour" to resolve a problem and finally got my money back. I am very disappointed with the service provided by "QUE colour" and would never recommend anyone to go there.
I asked for a bob (brought in a picture of hairstylezz too so there was no confusion) and 'natural' blonde foils that would blend nicely with my dark blonde hair. I got a weird choppy cut (with big chunks taken out of the back so i had bits of hair poking out everywhere) and white blond streaks that didn't look natural at all.
I complained and got a toner put on that fixed the colour (but after that money was a bit of a waste of time as my hair was almost the same colour as it was before) and i am still growing out the haircut.

Most of my hair disasters have been self inflicted (*cough* unintentional orange hair,
, cutting the back of hair myself, cutting my own fringe *cough*)

Good thing hair grows back

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