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happytreefun 07-12-2011 10:44 AM

One of my worst hair salon experiences, what's yours?0
Ok so a couple days ago I posted a thread about the possibility of getting side bangs. I got positive feedback so I decided that I would definitely get them. My mom made an appointment with a salon that we had taken my sister to (whose hair is very curly) because hers turned out great. They set me up an appointment with a lady they thought would cut my hair good. I was so excited I was counting down the days to when I would walk out of the salon with my new look. I even brought in a picture of a girl with bangs exactly like I wanted them. I got kinda nervous walking into the salon and we had to wait a little an the wait was killing me! Then this hip-dressed lady with short straight hair came and told me she would be cutting my hair. She asked me what I wanted to do and I said I wanted side bangs and I showed her my picture. She took one look and said that wouldn't look good with your hair. I was so disappointed I wanted to cry. My mom could tell and later she told me she was furious with that lady. Trying to keep my confidence (even though she basically crushed it) I asked her if there was anything I could do different with my hair because it's been the same my whole life. She said no there's basically nothing you can do with curly hair except it long. She said I really couldn't do anything different with my hair until I was old enough to start wanting to only wear it straight. Who ever said I was planning on straightening my hair when I get older? She complimented me when washing my hair telling me my hair was really healthy probably because I dont use heat with my hair. After she finished washing it she cut it in a decent cut by its pretty much what I already had and then what do you know, she pulls it the blow dryer and flat iron. Then she kept telling me how nice my hair looked straight. I was so mad. She basically insulted me with that comment and the whole time she acted like having curly hair was like a punishment. That whole lovely experience cost my mom $66.00. We won't be going back to that salon needlesstosay.

So, now that you've heard my story about my horrible and somewhat scarring salon experince, whats yours?

StayC 07-12-2011 11:14 AM

4 years ago when I moved to Rock Hill, SC. I didn't know anyone, let alone being able to locate a hairdresser. Since I was in desperate need of a cut I went to a local chain called Great Clips (aka...CRAP CLIPS)
Mistake number 1. The guy who cut my hair was straight and he used to be a barber.
2. He put all my hair in a pony tail and cut straight across.
3. We didn't get to mistake #3 because at this point I was sporting some sort if mullet hair-do.

When I was done yelling at him telling him I looked like the spawn of Carol Brady and Billy Ray Cyrus, he told me he could fix it. I don't know about you but I wasn't letting that MOFO anywhere near my head. He promised me it would look better after it was dried. I headed home crying.

After wiping my tears off I jumped in the shower then proceeded to dry my hair. OMG it made it worse!!! The next day, when I walked into work I heard "OMG what happened to your hair?" I cried again then ran out to another salon hoping they could fix my mess. They did but they had to cut so much hair off to even it out.

I did call and complain and got my big $18 back from that crappy cut. To make matters worse I even tipped the guy $5 as I left that first salon. I dont know what I was thinking.

I've always had an aversion to hair salons to the point I'm downright fearful of them because I had never received a good haircut in my life. I'm going for a Deva Cut with a specialist who was trained by Lorraine Massey, in
August. Hopefully this will be the best haircut of my life, but if it's not, I guess I'll be giving myself trims for now on.

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KurlyPrincess 07-12-2011 09:01 PM

Okay, so mine isn't as bad as y'alls but here goes.

My mom freaked out and thought we had lice (which 2 of my younger sisters did have some) so she goes out and buys all this lice products but it was really expensive and me and my 2 older sisters had hair down to our waist so she was in a HUGE hurry and just cut my hair straight across... (don't ever do that) Well, it was long on one side and short on the other. Then when we finally got rid of the lice we went to the salon to get our hair fixed, cause our mom had pretty much butchered it. By the time my hairdresser could straighten out my hair it was up to my shoulder. And then I told her that I wanted it layered and thinned (my hair was REALLY thick) but she felt it and was like "oh, it's not thick, I don't think it needs to be thinned." Well, I didn't really know that my hair was curly, I just thought it was frizzy, and I didn't know how not to brush my as soon as we get in the car, of course I brish it. Um, yeah. My friends would call my poodle.. lol It was awful! I always had this poofy hair that looked awful!!!! Oh, and I didn't even have layers, I don't know what she did to it, but it wasn't layered. I asked several other people too and they said that it wasn't. :( But we changed hairstylist so I haven't had anything worse then that. :) I was pretty upset though. When I went to my new hairstylist (I didn't even ask her to thin it) she started going on about how thick my hair was, so she told me she was going to thin it. haha I told her what my other hairstylist said and she was like "what?! was she crazy?!" :)

fetus 07-12-2011 10:22 PM


Originally Posted by Mophead (Post 1715343)
Mistake number 1. The guy who cut my hair was straight and he used to be a barber.

What does being straight have to do with it? :X My current stylist is a straight man and he's awesome at cutting curly hair!

Anyways, the only bad experience I've had was when I started to take out my cartilage ring so a brush wouldn't get caught in it and the girl who was about to cut my hair said, "No no, leave it in. It won't be a problem." So I left it in and left twenty minutes later with a missing ring and a bleeding cartilage.

SammySingally 07-13-2011 04:54 PM

My Bad Experience!
Yikes! ^

Okay! so ever since I cut my hair 5 years ago, I haven't been able to grow it longer than shoulder length (I made terrible choices that's why). So, when my hair was finally growing out and it was at my back, I went to the hairdressers. I was flipping through a mag then I heard a snipping sound, I looked up and this guy that worked there had snipped off quite a lot of my hair!! I was like, "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!?!?!" Turns out he thought he was to cut my hair, it was terrible. I felt like crying. This happened on Sept. 7th 2010 (I remember). From then, till now, I've been able to grow my hair out about a cm past the bottom of my neck. It was sooo upsetting.

KurlyPrincess 07-13-2011 05:59 PM


Originally Posted by SammySingally (Post 1716764)
Yikes! ^

I was flipping through a mag then I heard a snipping sound, I looked up and this guy that worked there had snipped off quite a lot of my hair!! I was like, "whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?!?!?!?!?!" Turns out he thought he was to cut my hair, it was terrible. I felt like crying.

omg! seriously?! I couldn't imagine if that happened to me. You have the complete opposite problem of me. I can't get my hair to stop growing. haha My hair was growing like an inch a month, or still is. It's kinda annoying actually. But I think I want to let my hair grow out again to mid back. I straightened it right before I went to get it cut last month and it was soo pretty. Then I chopped like 6-7" off. :)

happytreefun 07-13-2011 10:39 PM

Wow, these are some horrible experiences! Thanks for sharing, it's nice to know you're not the only person who has horrible hair salon experiences :)

PopMami 07-25-2011 12:25 AM

Bleeding from chemical burn from a perm, and my hair fell out. I hate perms. So glad im natural now. My hair is so thick, im glad it wasn't permenantly damaged.!

curlykristx 07-25-2011 01:54 PM

got a haircut at the "salon" inside walmart and while my hair was wet when i left it looked ok but by the time i got home it had dried an looked as if id had three different size bowls put on top of my head and they were used as a cutting line....i had so much damaged hair that when i went to a real stylist to get it fixed she asked if i had a problem pulling my hair out.

it was bad but i will disclaim that i have had my haircut at other walmart salons b4 and liked my results.

nataliaaxo 08-22-2011 02:18 AM

I went to my regular hair salon ive been going to for a few years and i wanted blonde highlights and i told my hairdresser that then i get them done and wheni come out most of my hair is copper like litterally red ! I freaked out and cried and died it back 3 times that day and it still didnt work . Haha now that i look back it was stupid

blissdrops 08-22-2011 02:33 AM

I've had a few. One time a stylist convinced me to get a relaxer cause my hair used to frizz a lot. So I did and over the next few days it fell out in clumps. All of it. Within 2 weeks I had about an inch of hair and had to wear hats every day. Another one was when my best friend came to school with some gorgeous highlights, she said she did them herself. So I let her do mine. She bleached my entire head white. That sucked. When I was about 16 and had very long hair my auntie who is a hairdresser did my hair and told me I needed a trim. I was like fine whatever. She cut my hair in a bowl shape then put curls in it with a curling iron like those old ladies on that old sitcom golden girls. That right there was just f**cked up. She has never touched my hair since and to this day still invites me to her salon and wonders why I won't set foot in it.

Oh yeah another time was when I was in a very small town in a state where there are basically no black people, like none. I went to a salon in one of their malls and the lady there swore up and down she knew how to do my hair, curly hair was no problem for her. She gave me a blow out but she put no tension on it, no products in my hair and the blow dryer didn't heat up much. Anyway she blew me out a nice giant (and I mean giant) afro then put some kind of curls on the end with a curling iron. And told me it looked really pretty. My mom and sister were mortified when they picked me up. I had to put my jacket over my head to walk through the mall to get to our car.

I won't even go into how my mom who's hair is a lot straighter then mine did some kind of roller set on my hair with nothing to set it with but water, took it down the next day and sent me off to school. It looked ugly to begin with but it expanded by the time I got to school, like really expanded. That was probably the biggest hair day I've ever had. I'll never forget that.

itsiliii 08-22-2011 02:58 AM

Back when I still straightened my hair like a mad woman I decided that I wanted to get the Rihanna bob. I also I decided I wanted to get my hair cut as soon as possible because I could no longer bear my hair so I rushed to this really cheap place near my home. BIG MISTAKE, the lady didn't even know what an asymmetrical bob was! She had to keep looking at the photo I brought in to cut my hair, plus she kept asking my mom DOES THAT LOOK RIGHT? WHAT ABOUT THIS? LIKE THIS RIGHT? It drove me absolutely nuts >.< after she cut it I decided I wanted to dry it and straighten in the salon to see the results- it was super uneven and gross! She recut it and fixed it a bit but it was still terribly uneven. My mom had to take me to another lady who fixed it up XD I NEVER again returned to that salon!!

curltastrophe 08-22-2011 03:02 AM

Some of these are straight horror stories!!! Anyhow my not so good experience took place when i was a sophmore at the end of the year. Earlier that year i got my hair cut in 2 very distinct layers cuz i always straightened my hair. Later that year i went back to the salon to get the layers evened since i wanted to wear my hair curly.(its a black ran salon so i had assumed they would know what to do) I guess the problem with my story is how stupid this lady was. My mom showed her the 2 layers and told her to cut the bottom one off to match the top. Then the lady stood there for 5 minutes and snipped my hair with one hand (yes meaning she was pulling my hair down to make sure it was relatively even or anything) and said i was done. I went home and straightened my hair and had to make my mom cut some of it cuz it was a hack job. 2 years later and i still have 2 layers cuz im to scared to let anybody touch my hair :( the top layer is barely past my shoulders and the bottom is half way down my back almost. Its so tacky!!! :(

ThickHairedQT 08-22-2011 07:42 AM

Back in the day when I relaxed my hair, I was always trying to find a decent hair salon(I still am searching btw) I decided to try a salon that my step mom talked about. I made my appointment, got there early but still waited for an 1hour(red flag). All I wanted was a touch up, DC, and flat iron. Finally the lady got to me and had the nerve to complain about how ridiculously thick my hair was and how long it was going to take but, it was long and I must be taking care of it and according to her I must be mixed with something down the line in order to have hair like this (eye roll, she had super hater vibes coming from her) She relaxed the new growth and DC'd it. Then as I'm sitting in the chair with wet hair, all I hear is *snip snip. This bitty cut my hair! I jumped out the chair and said I definitely said I DIDN'T want my hair cut. She gave me the whole sweetie, I was just trimming off your damaged ends speech.I smell BS. (Side eye) A minute ago YOU said I had healthy hair and I know I do for a fact (I take pride in keeping my hair healthy; relaxed or natural). She snipped 3in from a section in the back of my head.I wanted to strangle her with the blowdryer cord so bad. I should known better, this chick was weaved up and down her crack with the obvious-I-will-melt-if-left-in-the-sun-synthetic hair that tangles easily. She probably didn't have any hair at all underneath and it wouldn't have been by choice. I smelled a hater.

Also, when I was in middle school, my youngest sister(9 at the time) cut my hair with safety scissors as I slept(I'm an extremely heavy sleeper). I woke up with hair on my pillow and I was so pissed off and it was choppy and uneven . Of course I got in trouble for confronting her about it and she got away with it. All I could do was wear my hair in a bad ponytail to hide the uneven-ness. Smh

frizz313 08-24-2011 10:58 PM

Mine isn't as bad as some peoples, but basically my mom had taken me to this really nice salon, hoping they could do something with it because my hair had looked the same for ages and was really frizzy. So i asked the lady for layers, because my hair was getting triangular, and she told me no- i would look like a lion. of course i was insulted, but it only got worse, other stylists kept coming over and saying " oh your hair is so beautiful and curly, you should get it relaxed!" contradictory much? and then she had the nerve to tell me that since i was going into high school i would want my hair straight (this was the summer after my 8th grade year)- i told her no and hoped that it would be over soon and still look okay. When she was done she asked to straighten it and i told her no- and it was horrifying- she had done the opposite of what i wanted and it was way too short and stacked, so it was more triangular than before! my mom had to try to fix it afterwards and i ended up having ridiculous bangs and she cut my hair for a little while after that before i finally found someone who does it right and i always ended up hating her after. Overall, it was a pretty crappy experience and i really just wanted to take their complimentary cranberry juice and dump it all over their straightened hair. Now I get my hair done by someone with curly hair who has kids with curly hair and they actually know what they're doing

katietess7 08-25-2011 11:20 AM

OMG. mine is SO much worse. even though you probably were crushed (as i would be too). anyways so my hair is naturally blonde but it went really dark so i got highlights(blonde). then i go to get em again and i was getting keritain in my hair a week later. so the guy(who ive been going to for years) thought it would become lighter wiht the keritain.. so i thought he meant the same color. but he made it DARK BROWN. wtf. so i go back and they do a reverse treatment which made it ORANGE. smh. then they make it drak brown with blonde hightlights(very streaky) and finally they made it the sorta right .):

AddisonsLionsMane 08-25-2011 01:11 PM

Wow. Nom my hair expierence doesn't seem bad AT ALL. I just got stuck in the 'dead ends' BS. My hair's shoulder length with RAZORED ENDS. I'm getting my hair cut by a curlie next time. Really.

BouncyCuteCurls16 08-26-2011 02:29 PM

When I was 14 I got a texturizer done. My mom told me it would be perfect for me because my curls would loosen. She even got a texturizer done and it turned out great for her.
So I go there and the lady who did my mom's hair did mine as well. It wasn't supposed to burn but my hair was burning as it was done. After all the stuff was washed out I saw that the bottom half of my hair died! They were limp and straight while the rest of my hair was loose curls. It cost more than $200. A few days later my mom took me back to the place(which was 1 hr away by bus/subway) and complained. She got her money back and free treatments to care for my broken hair. I get the treatments done and the lady nearly rips all my hair out while combing it. She was rough and combing my hair while it was dry! I had to go somewhere else and pay $50 like 5 times each to get real treatments. A year later I had to get 3 inches cut off because they wnever revived from the texturizer.angry9: I hate getting my hair cut short! I ended up with a bob! Luckily, I got the cut done at DevaChan so it looked good for a bob but I got highlights too. The guy left the dye or hair lightener on too long and my hair got slightley damaged again!

maggie000 11-26-2011 12:09 AM

This is going to turn into a massive rant.
I have never really been totally satisfied with a haircut, and as a result have gone to different hairdressers each time is the endless search for the perfect salon. One particularly bad experience was when I was trying to grow my hair, which I told the hairdresser, as I have learnt to be VERY specific, which I could tell was very annoying for her. I said I just needed the layers trimmed (as little as possible- to which she said could be about half a centimeter, as my hair was healthy and I cut it often), especially around my face. We went to wash my hair, and she gets out the shampoo, which I advised was not a good idea, as I only used conditioner. She was horrified, and told me that must be “disgustingly dirty”. I explained the whole thing to her, and she got really offended, telling me that she was the one who went to hairdressing school, she knew what she was doing, and for me to stop telling her how to do her job. She washed my hair and brushed it, quite violently, with a fine tooth comb, which took her so long due to my thick curls that by the time she had finished, my hair was dry and tangled again. Then she goes and cuts a huge chunk of my hair to the shortest layer. I told her that I had just asked for a trim of my layers, and she goes “oh, I thought this is what you meant. You should be more specific”. !?!? She didn’t even touch the layers around my face, but I didn’t say anything, afraid of how much she would chop off. She proceeded to blow dry my already dried out hair, and comb it out again (burning my ear and complaining about how tangled and frizzy it was), resulting in absolutely no curl, just short, triangle shaped frizz.
We went out to the reception where my mum was waiting. My mum said she wasn’t going to pay $95 for such a disaster, to which they replied that it wasn’t their fault that my hair was so frizzy. My mum pulled out a photo of my hair showing them that it was curly, not simply frizz. They said that I had obviously had my hair curled, and said that we were liars trying to trick them into a free haircut. They also said they could straighten my hair, and it would look much better, but it would cost extra.
Needless to say, I am still in search of my dream hairdresser.

happytreefun 11-26-2011 12:18 PM

Oh my gosh that is just awful! D: i wouldve probably cried if that happened to me! Good luck on your search for the right salon though!

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