Pixie cut, possibly?

Hey everyone, I've been contemplating on whether or not I should get a pixie cut. My hair is probably 3a, I'm not quite sure though. I'm new this, lol. My hair is very poofy and unmangeable somedays....I live in Florida so god knows the humidity does not help either. I currently have my hair cut into a bob which I like but I admire pixie cuts. It took me a while to get bold enough to cut it off into a bob but I liked it so my expectations for a pixie cut can't possibly be terrible. I'm 18 so I do want a change....Something a little more sophisticated. So opinions are much needed! I was looking at pictures of Audrey Tautou and was wondering if I could pull off her curly pixie cut? It probably won't look as stunning as hers but something like it.

Here's a picture of the cut
Pixie cut, possibly?-audreytautou1.jpg

Here's a picture of my curly hair (before I cut it into a bob)
Pixie cut, possibly?-163448_10150135707466000_649945999_8817441_3774123_n.jpg

Here's a picture of my hair when I cut into a bob (Sorry that it's straight but I don't have any of me with my hair natural)
Pixie cut, possibly?-264085_10150329543476000_649945999_10441595_3776095_n.jpg
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Pixie cut, possibly?-tumblr_kzqvyzpite1qawpduo1_500.jpg  
Hi, I've been wondering about the very same issue as you. My hair is between 2c and 3a...some days are curlier than others, and I've been considering cutting my hair like Audrey Tautou also. Personally, I think you should go for it, just get some anti-frizz products that can tackle the dreaded Florida humidity. I like using Aussie and Garnier products for my hair. Remember, it's only hair and we only live once, plus it would look cute on you.
I've been DYING to change up my hair. I've had it very long and a little shorter than shoulder length. I liked the shorter hair much better, but it only stayed pretty and workable for the week following my hair cut.

I am now seriously considering a pixie cut. My face is kind of round and I have 3a-3b hair. I really want to cut it to see what it will look like and to change it up. But I'm afraid of what will happen if I don't like it. I'm afraid that when I grow it out, it will become a GIANT poof ball.

I don't really know what face shapes are flattering for pixie cuts, so would a round-ish face look decent with a pixie?
babyblue442, I think all face shapes are good for a pixie, it just depends on how you cut and style your pixie. Ginnifer Goodwin has a round face shape and she rocks a pixie. From one round faced girl to another, I think you can definitely pull it off.
Thanks, I think I will go for it. You don't think the pixie cut is too mature for teenagers?
No, not at all. It is a mature haircut, but it's not too mature for a teenager.
I'm DYING to do something drastic to my hair since waiting for it to grow is taking way to long. I've been thinking of doing a bob cut that's shorter in the back and longer in the front. Idk how well it would look though on me with my curls, any ideas?
How curly is your hair, ipratt? It all depends on how curly your hair is. My hair is a 3a-3b and when I cut it any shorter than shoulder length it goes into this crazy triangle poof.

If you're looking for something drastic, go for a pixie cut like me. In my opinion, a pixie cut will still need product to control, but it won't be as hard as a bob.

What should I do about my discouraging mother?
i dont know if this will apply to u or not but i have a 3a curl pattern and now have a pixie( i love it) but i have no curl. none. a bit of wave but with the right products and blow dry it is pretty straight. with my 3a curls, it is straighter the shorter it is.so something to keep in mind if you want a curly pixie.
no i have no pics, i am an absolute idiot when it comes to electronics. i cannot figure out cameras, computers..... ill try to find a pic online thats close.
well, now i am excited about how your pixie has turned out,want2bcurly. I've gone through dyeing my hair different shades of red many times and I've finally gone back to my natural blond. The problem though, is that now my ends are fried and there are over processed chunks of my hair...my roots have grown out pretty well (about 6-8 inches) and the pixie seems like the perfect solution to my problem. I was wondering how it would look with blond hair though, because most pixies I've seen are every color but blond. Any advice?
Misskatiebug95, I've seen a lot of people with blonde hair and pixie cuts. Personally, I love it. I know this girl who looks a lot like tinkerbell with it....(although her hair is straight) If it doesn't, you can always dye it a different color. I know a lot of people with either wavy or straight hair and no curly hair, It frustrates me so much haha. I can't get any hair advice. I'll probably cut it as soon as I can get the money, I'm still so iffy about it though.

ipratt, I have a bob hair cut and curly bobs are great. Mine is a longish bob though, which would probably work better with curly hair. As long as you have the right styling products.
Hm..well amplifiedmegan, in the meantime before you cut your hair, if you want soft looking, loose curls I have discovered that if you put half-dried hair into a Lady Gaga-esque hair bow, then you can achieve the style more or less. What you do is put in your product, let hair partially dry then make a bun at the top of your head. This won't be a ballet bun, but a lazy quick ponytail-into-a-bun-by-pulling-the-ponytail-halfway-through style. make sure the tail is facing front. Then, split the bun in half and fold the tail back between the halves. Use clips to secure tail and let fully dry. If this doesn't help you could try a youtube tutorial

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