my very frizzy hair): help.

so i've been a cg for..about half a year after 2 years of straightening was looking really awesome into big loopy spirals, but now its all frizzy and dry no matter what i do to it...i've been thinking about buying a deep conditioning treatment, anybody got any favorites?
I add raw honey and EVOO to whatever conditioner I have around and leave it in for 30 min to an hour. Works every time and no need to buy a "special" DC.
sulfate, silicone and protein free since 6/11
porosity - normal to low
elasticity - normal

love my curls
My own butter mixture
My own version of Terressentials mud wash
many people on this site love shea moisture deep conditioner from target or walgreens or the curl junkie deep conditioner from curlmart...
aussie 3 minute miracle
cowash: suave naturals coconut
leave in: mane and tail
styling: activation gel

friendship is like peeing on yourself; everyone can see it, but only you get the warm feeling that it brings
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Is Aussie 3 minute CG friendly?
Cowash-Tresseme Naturals
Hair Type-3c-4a
Leave in-Tresseme Naturals
Gel-LA Sports Gel
Cashmere Curls for shine

it could be dryness, so i would do a dt before anything else

If that doesnt work, it is possible that something else is wrong. Your hair could need a protein treatment, de gunked (my way of saying a sulfate shampoo that removes any build ups), or even over conditioned.

Protein treatment: your hair feels like straw

De-gunked: build up-y and gross feeling (sorry this one is hard to explain)

Over conditioned: super super soft and frizzy
Multi-textured head! 3a w/ some 3c, medium to high porosity, medium to coarse texture, dry!

My current favorites: Suave naturals shampoo, Suave coconut, Organix argan and moroccan oil conditioner, GFTN, LALMG, FSG <3!!

Not a huge fan of CG :/

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