Best drugstore conditioner?

I've had a hard time finding one that It can't be expensive, I'm sorta broke
If you don't mind cones, Pantene for Curls--dry to moisturized--works fantastically for my medium 3B curls. Of course, I also use a shampoo with mild sulfates that cleans out my hair when I need it.
Blonde (pic looks dark due to lighting), Fine, 3b (with a little 3c)
Aussie Moist, Aussie Three minute miracle, Tresseme naturals, and yes to cucumbers!
As a matter of fact, I'm going to the store right now to buy the Aussie ones
+1 for both aussie products, they have made a huge difference for me.
Garnier Fructis Triple nutrition which is cg and its 8 dollars for 25 ounces and sometimes even cheaper good luck
I've had a hard time finding one that It can't be expensive, I'm sorta broke
Originally Posted by Darkangelcurls
I used to hate drugstore brands because my hair didn't respond to them well, but I tried Renpure Organics from walmart.It has lots of slip and doesn't have any cones, sulfates, parabens or anything. Plus its about 5 dollars a bottle AND you get a mail-in rebate if you keep the tag that it comes with and mail in the reciept. So its like getting ur money back

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