Poop! Conditioner not CG?

Ok so I've been CG for like 3 yes and I just found out that my conditioner has cyclopentasiloxane which Is another name for cyclomethicone!! I'm so disappoints because the conditioner is cheap and good at detangling but I also noticed curls loosening it's partly because my hairs getting to long but also probably cuz of the -cone....... So wat I need to know is if there is a cheap drugstore alternative (organic or mostly organic ingredients best for me) and also I'm going to finish the bottle it should be empty within a week or to but after that how do I get rid of the cones in my yhair? Thanks in advanced curlies
You'll need to use a shampoo with sulfates in it but without cones. Garnier Fructis Pure Clean is one. It's $3 at Dollar Store. That will clarify your hair, then try Tresseme Naturals or Garnier Triple Nutrition conditioners to co wash and/or leave in..hope that helps...good luck
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Thnx my mom uses the pure and clean shampoo and conditioner the conditioner made my hair flat and lose lots of curled but I will clarify with the shampoo. I also wanna try Shea moisture has anybody tried that?
I LOVE shea moisture BUT it can go really fast (only 12 oz. and it $10 each)...If you find you like it use it sparingly and spread it out with a cheaper cone free conditioner...My favorites are the VO5 conditioners, I just go by my favorite smell. The clarifying one is GREAT for CO washing... Hope this helps
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