First day of High School Freshmen

In 3 weeks I will be starting 9th grade, so I just want to know what should I expect and advice for anyone who is going to high school too!!!!
I'm going to be a junior this year and trust me...Its not different than junior high school. There are more people ofcourse, but other than that Its really fun! Just stay away from the drama and please don't be one of those people that all of a sudden hate freshman when they become a sophmore lol.

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It kind of depends on what high school you go to, but expect to be working a whole lot harder than you did in middle school (more hw, projects, etc. ugh...). I also completely agree with KsLiZCuRlZ: "Just stay away from the drama and please don't be one of those people that all of a sudden hate freshman when they become a sophmore lol." But I don't completely agree with her about high school being the same as middle school. At least in my experience, high school was completely different: more schoolwork, more freedom, and I found the majority of students to be way nicer than the kids in middle school. I guess they matured. Anyways, good luck and have fun.
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I spent the first few months of freshman year trying to be someone im not, and i regret it 100%!!

& be nice to everyone!

Going into high school is seriously not a big deal
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Do what you want to do, don't try to follow the crowd. Don't trust everyone, cause not everyone is your real friend. Put your grades above EVERYthing. And please, please, PLEASE do NOT put BOYS first, please. lol some of my friends made that mistake and failed more than one class, and each summer school class costs $300. :S
I agree with what the others have posted!

I'm about to be a senior at my high school, and I can honestly tell you that I regret some of the things I did freshman year. But here's some things for you!

1. Do NOT slack off, and keep your grades up! Freshman year grades could make or break your grades if you slack off too much. Bad grades freshman year could kill your cumulative GPA! Give all you got and try your best in each of your classes, and don't be afraid to talk to teachers/counselors!

2. Be yourself! Don't get pressured into doing things you wouldn't want to do. You'll meet all kinds of people, and they want to know you for YOU, so don't try to be someone you're not to impress them!

3. Know that your friends from elementary/middle school may not be your friends forever. It's hard to lose friends or have them drift apart, but you'll learn who your true friends are!

4. Have fun! It'll be your first year of high school. Attend the football games, participate in the Homecoming events, go to the dances, try out for sport teams, or join clubs and get involved!

Good luck, and have fun!
Great advice, everyone.

You should definitely just be who you are. Especially when it comes to your hair!
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I'm going to be a sophmore this year. Freshman year is NOT a big deal. I made a ton of friends, but that's partly because I did marching band so I knew a lot of people going into the school year. I didn't think any of the upper classmen were scary (they were actually my best friends and boy friend!)

It definately helped that I did marching band. If there is anything you could get involved in before school starts to walk in to high school with friends by your side, you should go for it.

As previously stated by others, DO NOT let boys distract you... too much.... I had good grades this year, but I will say that they did drop for a little while when I first started going out with my boy friend.

The first quarter is definately going to be a little tricky. But trust me, your grades WILL improve.

Get involved! That's how you meet a lot of people that like the same things you do! And it's good for you if you do a sport.

That's all I can think of right now. Good luck and have fun!
I'm going to be a junior next yr and from my experience, I can only tell you that everyone is different.

I hated freshman year because I was going to a new school and I didn't know ANYONE at all in the entire school and the students were different from the kind of kids I was used to. If you are new to a school like I was, or you just want to make new friends: look approachable (dont have a miserable expression all the time), be friendly, be yourself, DO YOUR WORK (it is school after all), and choose your friends wisely.
Basically, high school is supposed to be really fun. School spirit and participation is prominent and there's more freedom and fun activities (unless you go to a crappy school).
Don't take high school too seriously--well, take the education seriously, don't get tied up in the social aspects of fitting in and drama, etc.
It's not that serious, just like another 4 years of middle school

Sorry this post was so long lol

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