Nicest Comments People Said About Your Hair?

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My friend told me she liked my banana curls lool
1. My grandmother (who I hadn't seen until about 6 months after starting the CG method) asked me if Lindsay (my hairstylist) gave me a perm. Lindsay is well known for doing fantastic perms and my grandmother LOVES perms, and was very surprised when I said no.

2. A lady actually caught up to me in the mall and asked if my hair was natural, colour-wise and texture-wise. I told her my colour wasn't real but the curls were. She said my hair was absolutely beautiful and said I should never change it.
2A/B, low to normal elasticity. curly girl forever~
conditioner: tresemme naturals nourishing conditioner
leave-in: aveeno positively nourishing leave-in treatment
detangling spray: john frieda root awakening detangling spray
mousse: herbal essences tousle me softly mousse
My grandmother (on my white side) loooves my curly hair. &when I straighten it she tells me she doesn't like it, which I love (weird, I know) because a lot of white people tell me my hair's too curly &they like it better straight.

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When I first big chopped, a friend of mine told me she wanted to fall asleep in my hair. I thought that was really nice. C:
One of the nicest comments I've had was from an older man (he's in his 60s and he's a family friend) he asked if my hair was naturally curly and i said yes and he told me I should never straighten my hair because my curls are beautiful.

Another comment that was one of my favorites was a random girl at the store stopped me and told me she loved my hair and thought it was so pretty.
2c/3a with some 2b-fine/coarse-iii-low porosity-normal elasticity
Started CG 10/16/12
Vo5 Kiwi Lime
Conditioner: Tresemme Naturals
Styling Products: La Bella Lots of Curls gel
I went to the salon with my mom and she asked if my cut would look nice straightened and I said yea I've seen that but I dnt think I wanna do it myself and the stylist said "what are you crazy your curls are beautiful dnt come to me if you wanna smooth them out cuz I wnt do it" and we all laughed
One guy came up to me & said "Daaaaang girl, your hair's that curly & you ain't even black!"

I'm not sure if that was a legit compliment, but I'll take it as one. I got a good laugh out of it. I like having big hair. Maybe that's the southern girl in me, I don't know. Haha!

I love it when random strangers stop you in the mall or on the street and say "your hair is so pretty!" It makes my day.

By the way, I love this thread. Just reading the compliments will give you a confidence boost when it comes to having curly hair!
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Ever since I have gone natural with my hair I get comments on a daily basis.

My favorite was when I was at girl's camp and I said hi to a random girl I passed and she stopped and looked at me and told me that my hair was way too cute for camp.

In the last few days I've had about 5 people ask me if I permed my hair (I'm taking that as a compliment) and several people said they didn't recognize me at first because of my hair. Everyone loves my hair and I haven't gotten a single negative compliment.
I always get waaay more comments when I style my hair curly than if I straighten it. That's why I totally gave up straightening last year just today my fiance's aunt and great grandma were obsessing over my curls (they have poker-straight hair). It always makes me feel awesome to get comments for my curls.

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Note: I have 3c-ish 3b-ish curly Q's, that are light brown and blonde.

The nicest thing EVER was when I was at camp, and this girl had the prettiest hair ever! Long and dark, flat ironed hair, but it really shocked me when she said she loved mine and my sisters hair and the color

And whenever I wear it curly, my family compliments it so much, my friends play in it, (I don't mind), my very beat friend said she wanted hair like mine, and best of all, my dad's girlfriend , (she's white) said she loved my curls!! Even though it was Messed up that day haha.

But what's weird is when people stare at me :/ because I have a dark tan, (I'm naturally a light caramel) and I have hazel/green eyes and curly hair.. It's kind of offensive when this one girl asked if my eyes were real because I'm so dark
I walk by people with straight hair all the time who say they love my hair... I envy their straight hair though.
I work at Walgreens and get so many customers coming through who stop and compliment my hair and ask if it's natural. My favorite was from a child who said she wanted to grow up to have curly fry hair just like me lol. It was funny, in her eyes I'm sure she did imagine curly fries for my hair. Kids are hilarious.

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Most adults say really nice things to me about my hair, saying that it's beautiful and the like. It's mostly people my own age that I get stick off.
One time my friend said that I had "greek goddess" hair. It made me happy because I think most people see my hair as a curly/wavy mess.
One of my first hair stylists pre-CG: "I love to flat iron hair, I will not flat iron this hair. It's like princess hair."
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2c or something MODCG Since December 2011!
New May 20th Routine
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Styler: LALSG
Daily routine: Cleanse, LI, soak with water, scrunch in gel, plop, pixie diffuse, air dry.

One of my first hair stylists pre-CG: "I love to flat iron hair, I will not flat iron this hair. It's like princess hair."
Originally Posted by Chikyuu
That's an awesome compliment!!!

3A/B mix with flat roots dark blonde (refusing to call it brunette I miss my blonde baby hair) lovin my curls
rockin the curls God gave me.

Shampoo n/a
Conditioner Vo5 Moisture Milks
Leave in Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Shower, comb, apply leave in and mousse in wet hair then scrunch out the water and sometimes.
Second day, Wake up mist with water and smooth Shea Moisture Curl enhancing smoothie over hair
I started the new school year with curly hair and everybody is saying how much they love my hair. At volleyball practice I was about to go up for a set and I feel somebody touching my hair. The girl who was touching my hair told me she wished she had my hair. Best comment ever for the girl who was formerly know for her frizzy blah hair (me). I t does get annoying when you turn around and someones fingers go ripping through your hair because "they couldn't resist" touching my hair. It doesn't bother me that much though. One girl who I hang out with also comented on how I possibly had enough time to curl my hair every morning. lol
rocking 2c waves with 3a bangs (on a good day)

Modified CG

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Co-Wash: Suave Naturals
Rinse-out Condish: Yes to Carrots
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Stylers: Joico Curl Defining Cream/Gel, Joico Joiwhip, He Body Envy Gel, He Tousle Me Softly Mousse, Boticelli Babes FSG, DIY sea salt spray

I my difuser

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Now hat I am natural. Ppl tell me they love y hair curly when I put on a wig or wear braids they miss my curly hair. And ppl touch my hair. I like that too lol
I have yet to get a compliment on my natural curls :\
I have yet to get a compliment on my natural curls :\
Originally Posted by Johari
Most people will not verbally say anything. Most of my compliments come after i catch someone staring and me giving them the "what the hell?" look. Then i guess they feel obligated.

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