Haircuts for my curly hair?

Before school starts I want a good haircut but I'm not sure what to get.

My hair is thin but I have quiet a lot of it. Some of my curls are 2b and some are 3b. My hair doesn't have much volume either. My curls never curl how I want them too. The top is straight, the middle is wavish, and the tips are curly which I don't like. My current cut is all the same length and just below my breast. I also have some side bangs.

What kind of haircut should I get to get some volume and nice looking curls? Should I get layers or what?
I would definitely get some layers. They help add shape to curly hair. Just make sure you go to a stylist who knows curly hair, and I would reccomend not losing too many inches--just an inch or two, because if you cut it too short and you decide you like it long you'll be growing it out for years.
Blonde (pic looks dark due to lighting), Fine, 3b (with a little 3c)

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