One side straight and one curly

Okay so about 8 months ago I got a keratin straightening treatment and it's gone now but the left side of my head as stayed kinda straight. The regrowth is curly then I for straight and it looks horrible! And then the other side is beautiful, defined and i love it. Also at the back it's very coarse and just gross. How can I get it back to curly? Btw I part it just off centre to the right
I have a similar problem except the front half of my hair doesn't curl because I've straightened it too much. Try to baby it as much as you can using curl activators & keeping your hair moisturized & deeply conditioned. If that doesn't work after a few weeks you might have to cut it. If you don't want to cut it then just grow it out (that is if your hair doesn't go back to curling.)
I'd suggest you style your hair the night before so that in the morning you'll get natural looking curls. What I do since I am growing my hair out is that I moisturize my hair & braid in double strand cornrows. Depending on how tight your curls really are is how many braids you want to have; if you have tighter curls you may want smaller braids, if you have loose curls then you may want larger braids. I usually get four to five medium sized braids. You can also just do twist outs but the cornrows have done wonders for me!

Hope this helped. x

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