Any good hairstyles for school?

Well,I am 13 and I have REALLY frizzy,hard to manage,long,curly hair!I have a hard time pulling it up in a ponytail 'cuz my bangs make it look like I have horns!Help plz!
Well as for the frizz, if you don't mind cutting ur hair you could get an inch or two taken off and get a couple long layers put in. It helped me A LOT. You could also go curly girl if you haven't already. As for hairstyles, you could do side ponytails, side braids, a bun, you could twist it up and put it in a clip, you could leave it down and braid a piece and pin it back. You could do a sort of half french braid, where you brush your hair back, then take a inch thick piece from one side, an inch thick piece on the other side, and one in the middle. Then you braid them together once, then start adding hair like a normal french braid. Make sure you start about mid- head for that one. Hope I helped
You can get these things called a head scarf. I really like them, because they are different from the regular headband. I will loosely pull my hair back into a ponytail and then tie it on and then just put my hair down and pull a few strands of hair around my face. : ) I wore my hair like that last night. It's super cute! and easy
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