can putting your hair up when it's wet or braiding it thin it out/ damage it?

I take my showers in the evening and usually put it up in a curly ponytail or braid it or something,(when it's wet) but can that thin it out? or damage it? is it possible to thicken your hair up? my hair is 3a 3b with a normal / fine thickness.
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Pulling it tight with a band while wet can cause a lot of breakage. I lost tons of lenght in the past doing that until I was informed that it was the cause of all of the breakage. Now my hair is fine. I think if you're loosly pinning it up or breading it while wet it's fine.
yea i think if you did it tightly it might break it, but ive always put my hair up to dry, in a really loose pony tail or bun, n ive been braiding it as well for bed when its wet. i havent noticed anything.

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When I put it in a braid or a ponytail it makes my hair frizzy and even more volumeous. I think the best way is to wear it down and use alot of mousse or gel.
I used to braid my hair all the time wet and while I didn't do it super tight I'm sure I did a little bit of damage to the ends. It's all about what type of band you use.

My personal favorite thing to do, if I shower at night, is to pineapple with this stretched out scrunchy I have. I wrap my hair with it twice and it's very, very gentle on my hair (and I've got a crap ton of it.)

scrunchies all the way!
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