Weird curls? :P

So my hair is like dirty-blonde, to the top of my bra, and it has the weirdest curls ever! First off, my curls start right at my ears, the top has no volume and is flat. Also, its super curly at the front, and gets straighter and straighter as it goes back. Any advice on how to make my hair manageable? Anyone else with this hair?
I have hair kinda like yours. Mine is flat at the top, then after a few inches it gets wavy, then curly. Still trying to figure it out :/ I think this is why the curly girl or no shampoo method doesnt work for me, cuz when i dont shampoo it makes my scalp greasy and my curls look really nice, and if i do shampoo it makes my scalp cleaner but it makes my curls frizzy :/ I use a little extra mousse if i shampoo'd and i braid a front section back and pin it to the back of my head. It seems to reduce puffiness in that middle, wavy area. Gonna try a low-poo and see if that works
Thanks for the reply! lol, my hair sounds just like yours! I've honestly never met anyone with similar hair so I can never ask how they style it!
I have hair exactlyy like yours.... How I fixed it was getting short layers, and really layering it in the back....

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