Desperate for Help!

Hi guys,

Alright, get ready for a rant! So I have hair that comes about 2-3 under my shoulders. I wish I could just tell you guys my hair type but it doesn't really fit into the any of the categories, as far as I can tell.

My hair is SUPER thick. The curls are definitely curls, not waves and they're about the diameter of a my thumb. When it dries, it is curly all the way to the root, unlike some curlies who get a nice smooth top (how do they do that?) I guess my biggest problem is definition. When my hair is wet (and I mean SOPPING wet) I adore my curls! It's when they dry that I start to despise them. The lose definition, frizz intensely, and puff like nobody's business.

I've tried every curl defining gel/mousse in the book, as well as all the anti-frizz creams/serums. Nothing seems to work! I deep condition and use a leave-in conditioner but I've noticed no difference in my hair.

Because of all of this, I end up wearing my hair half up and half down EVERY SINGLE DAY. I hate it, and I just want to wear my hair down.

Does anybody out there have any hair product, routine, or hair cut/style recommendations? I'm so desperate to love my hair, please help!

Thanks in advance!
Hi fellow!After reading your rant i think the tightly curly method might work for you.Check it out here:
Curly Primer
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