Hair "plopping"/"plunking"?

Hey everyone! Ive recently heard of plopping your curly hair, but it seems all the articles online have different opinions. I just wanted to know what your thoughts are on plopping, what products do you use and when (before or after plopping), how long you leave your hair for and whether you think it makes a difference. Can't wait to hear what you think!
Well, I tried it once, and I didn't let my hair dry enough, and it didn't quite work like it was supposed to. I think I was using my Herbal Essences Totally Twisted mousse at the moment, and I put the mousse in before I wrapped my hair up. I left it in for about 15 minutes, I think, but that wasn't quite long enough. (My hair's 3bish, a little bit kinkier than that at times. It depends on the day.)

It looked really good, actually, even though I messed it up a bit. My curls had a lot more definition than usual, and the volume was just right. Not flat, and my hair wasn't as huge as it could possibly be like it is sometimes.

So, overall, I really like the plopping method. I think I'm going to try it again next time I wash my hair!

I hope this helps!

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i plop every time i wash my hair. i leave on the plop on for 30 min and my hair is thick so it isnt completley dry when it comes out of the plop, but wet enough to diffuse and apply more product when needed. Ploping keeps your hair in a scrunched position on the top of your head, giving you volume and definition.

I <3 plopping!
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I have short hair, but I love plopping! I cross-clip my hair at the roots for volume, plop for about 15 minutes, take out the clips, and then plop for as long as I want. It's a great way for me to not mess with my hair and cause frizz, haha. I still have yet to try it overnight, though. Oh, some might say that the longer you plop, the frizzier your hair will be; however, if you get a good t-shirt, I think you'll be fine. Also, the products I use are Yes to Cucumbers Conditioner and Kinky-Curly Curling Custard.
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-plop a pineapple overnight
-just pineapple for second day hair

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Thanks for reading
I generally don't get great results from plopping -- I think it's something that works for some people and not for others. But it's definitely worth a try, it works wonders for some!!

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what is plopping?
Originally Posted by SwirlyCurly24
Here is a video that explains plopping and how to do it:
How to Plop/Plunk Your Curly Hair - YouTube

Plopping works really well for me! But I sort of do a modified version, because other wise i get a flat head
What I do is wet my hair everynight, but I don't always put products in it. I let it air dry and then squirt the body and ends, but not the roots, with water so they are soaked again. Then I plop with a cotton or microfibre cloth. I usually leave my in overnight because from some reason mine works so much better if i plop until its dry or very close to being so. and wahla! I have the curls i love getting from plopping without a flat top !
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For me, it's a hit or miss. Sometimes it looks awesome, and sometimes it doesn't work. I tried plopping a pineapple and same thing...
Good but inconsistent

I came up with something I'm trying right now, though. I found super thin short-sleeved t-shirt (instead of a thicker, longer one I'd used for plopping,) and put my hair through the neckhole and wrapped it in a turban. It kept falling, so I put a head band around it to keep it in place. Hopefully, this won't be as "smushy" as a plop. I'll update in the morning

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