Are Your Friends Curly?

I actually don't have any curly friends, only random people from my school.

Even my 2 sisters have naturally straight hair.

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One of my friends are curly/wavy and we sort of have the same hair just mines thicker and hers is lighter and frizzer. Another friend has super straight blonde hair which i used to envy soooo much! Another has dark brown/black hair with a kink in it. Some days I love my hair and some days I hate it. When I do wear it down I do get some compliments but I tend not to because it gets in the way of things when I'm in school.
Within my group of friends I'd say it's about 50% of us who are natural.

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one of my friends has wavy hair, which she straightens a couple times a week, and another one of my friends has thick, curly hair, and she somehow gets it to stay straight and silky. Mine doesn't stay straight for more than 20 minutes, and when it's straight, it's too fluffy! D:
All my friends have straight hair and it's so annoying because they don't understand when i talk about my hair...

I would love to have a fellow curlie friend!!! I have 3b hair.
I live in Florida, so lots of my friends (guys and girls) have curly/wavy hair, since it's easier because we go to the beach a lot.

Lots of my Black friends have natural hair;curly-afros and even true afros (think 70's) - it's really lovely. My white and Hispanic friends have wavy hair.

I have a few mixed friends who share tips with me, and that's how I started used KCCC.
Out of my best friends, only 2 of us are curly (well, I'm more a wavy). The rest have bone straight hair that they curl or wave (which is weird considering the past 2 years all anyone in my schoolwanted was straight hair!). The other curly has gorgeous hair down to her waist with nice 3a curls. When she wears it curly, it's scrunched with a garnier gel I think. She isn't CG, but dang she's got nice hair.

How do your curly friends do their hair?
Originally Posted by Leeeah

It's weird. I am the only one of my close friends with any form of curly hair. I'm not joking. And I have a lot of close friends. Also my twin sister has straight hair. Go figure.

It's weird, I almost grew up not aware of the whole "embrace the curls" thing. I thought my waves were like a mistake, or something. Because so many girls had straight hair. Before I was old enough to get a straightner, I would brush and brush and brush my hair wondering why the heck it refused to stay down like everyone else's. Anyone here had a similar experiance?

Now I take pride in my waves which so many of my friends are jealous of. We rock, curlies!
~A proud 2c who is so thankful to have stumbled across this site over a year ago!
I have one friend and she has 3c hair and another friend and his hair is 3b/3c. Oh and another friend has a mix between 2a and 2b but she either straightens it or blow dries it straight then curls it into big loose curls (i wish she would embrace he natural hair cause it looks so pretty on her). The rest of my friends have fairly straight hair.
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I have one friend on track with beautiful blonde 3b curls to her lower back. My other friends have wavy hair. One had red 2b waves that he grows out long enough to be seen. The other is a 2a brunette who wears her hair to her lower back. Other than that, everyone else straightens their hair, or has straight hair.

I have the curliest hair in the school. But I just moved to a bigger school so I'm sure I won't be anymore.

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