Quick Styling for College Students

okay curly girls so im a college student with 8am classes and id love to wear my natural 3b 3c hair. lately ive been straightening so then i can wear the straight style without tampering(no washing, cowashing, or restraightening) for at least a week and a half which works but id like to wear the natural style to help my hair grow out a little and it is getting hot outside so the straight style puffs up quick . and product tips for 3b 3c hair??? i need some help!
p.s. my hair is dry and splitting a tad.
From one college student to another, I find myself doing a lot of half up-half down styles, buns, French twists, ponytails and wearing it open every now and again.

The ends which are splitting should be cut off to prevent further damage. As for products, determine your hair properties (porosity, sensitivity to protein, texture etc) and try experimenting with different conditioners and sealants. A deep moosturimg treatment, good leave in conditioner and an oil should help combat the dryness.

Hope I helped you somewhat! And stay away from the heat!
High porosity. 3C.
Poos: NG Hemp Shampoo.
Condish: Alba Botanica Gardenia Hydrating Condish. Mill Creek Keratin. Aussie Moist.
Leave in: Alba Botanica Leave In. Tresemme Naturals. Cantu.
Seal: Whipped Shea Butter Mix.
Styling: GF Pure Clean. EcoStyler Protein.
Hair loves: Finger combing. Protein.
Hair hates: Plopping.
ahh thank you!! yes im usually stuck on half up dos aswell. sometimes i can do all out but only for the first fe hours.. i need products with more hold//frizz control. i did the porosity test today actually and learned my hair isnt as porous as i thought it was. i am happy but shocked! and will be getting a trim soon. thanks!!
To save your time, use a leave in conditioner after bath as it will help you kill the frizz. You can then do ponytail with some interesting looking hair bands. You can pull your hair up in the centre and let the curls fall and give you a smart look. Do not use alcohol based gels for your curls while doing any hairstyles. You can also use a curling iron to wrap a few sections of your hair around it and leave it loose. You could also pull all your hair on one side, straighten the top and pony tail the rest of the curls.

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