Curls wont define

Hi, I havent gotten a perm in about three years and have just recently done a BC. My hair was cut in type of bob in which the front is much longer (almost to my collar bone), and gets shorter and shorter to the point where the back of my hair is only about two inches long( i hope i described that well enough). My hair stylist claims there is no perm left in my hair even though the front remains fairly straight when wet. The rest of my hair becomes more wavy when wet so I beileve I am a 3c.

I have tried to do twist outs on my hair but they never work. My hair just becomes frizzy with bairly any definition. I even went to the the salon(it was not a natural hair salon) and it still did not come out right. I am very discouraged and would like to know any tips or products that would help define my hair. I have tried using Soft Sheen Caroson Jam, Shea Moisture Curl enchancing smoothie, Ampro Clear Ice Gel, and Knot Today.
Try going Curly Girl. I don't but that works for alot of people. All Mrs. Jessie products and kinky curly custard. I swear by those lines.

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What causes frizz is touch you hair when its wet. DO not touch hair when it has the curl definer in and is in its drying process. Good luck
something that i have recently found out that works for me is plopping. it makes my curls really defined. look up waterlily716 plopping

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