Side swept bangs for curly hair...?

I really want ideas for bangs!!
And how does side swept bangs look on curly hair?
Thanks in advance!
Yes! I've had bangs off and on forever. About 2.5 years ago, when I got my haircut, the stylist asked me if I wanted side swept bangs and I agreed and have had them ever since. I love bangs with curly hair! It really adds a nice touch and allows you to depict styles hidden by your kinks easier by only straightening that 1 section. But remember, you should always straighten them! After they grow out between cuts, curl them under a little. Bangs can work with most curly hair but I don't recommend it for those with kinky, 4a and beyond hair. Won't work too well. After you've had them for a while, at least a year, you can move on to crazier styles. Get experimenting with different styles. I got my hair cut about a week or 2 ago and got a new style, and thank because I wouldn't have been brave enough to do it without you. I got my bangs cut like Hannah Hacksaw and the rest of my hair was just an average, choppy scene haircut, inspired by the article about how Julz does her hair. I am loving my new cut, the bangs especially. So go for it! Get those side swept bangs! Unlike blunt bangs, they're easy to pull back, blend nicely and compliment almost every face shape. It's a really great choice
they look absolutely AMAZING!!! <3 I just got mine a few weeks ago, and I straighten them, and I swear my hair looks like a billion times better with them! I even get tons of compliments everyday!
I have side bangs and I LOVE the look of them straight with my curls...only thing is that after about a year of straightening them continually, they became damaged and lost all their curl! So I've stopped straightening and am growing them out now...curl is gradually coming back!

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