How to style curly hair?

I have 3A hair thats down to the bottom of my bra but its really flat (almost straight). Its flat from the roots to my shoulders, then frizzy at the bottom. I had cut it a few weeks ago in hopes that the weight of my hair would lighten the top up, but it only made it frizzier. I also bought a diffuser, but it didn't do much at all. How could I style my hair so it's curly from the roots to the tips (without it looking greasy from products)? What would be the best way to get rid of the frizz? Thanks!
perhaps try scrunching the straight parts with mousse.
Pantene's curly series works really well. Try the mousse and gel after you wash.
Really light weight curl products, such as maybe Carols Daughter Hair Milk Light, or creames, and leave in conditioners that define curls.
I have 3c hair but my friend had the same problem this is what she did as soon as you come in the shower apply moose to your hair. Then plop or plunk it in a t shirt. If it doesn't give you your natural curl if done right you will at least get waves.
I would definitely use light weight products to try and not weigh the hair down. Scrunching your products in and then plopping your hair will help give your curls more definition.
Type -3a/3b
Products- Herbal Essences TT Mousse

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