Using hot boiledwater to achieve a curl?

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Hi, I am a 4b or 4 something, I have natural about shoulder length hair that I like to keep in braids and I wanted to try to use boiled hot water to curl it, I read about it and I know that it will damage my hair but what if I had my hair in a shower cap or something, what that be good, just wondering.

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I would definitely caution you against using hot boiled water on your hair or skin at all. It could cause serious painful burns to your skin and scalp! Most hot-water boiling methods for curls are for synthetic hair that is detached from the scalp, which presents less risk for burns.

You could try to use warmer warm water to create a curl and maybe apply some oil to protect the hair. I don't have the same hair type as you and I haven't tried to use hot water for curling, but if you do decide to, don't use freshly boiled water at the risk of getting serious burns!
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I don't know of this method but please!!! be careful. I second curlsoul - burns can cause permanent scarring and are very dangerous.
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I know of this method and I only know of it being used on synthetic braids. I'd advise against it on your own hair.

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