I have very strange qualities that I look for...

1) sense of humor-needs to understand sarcasm and never take anything seriously
2) weird- by this I mean he can't be too "normal" because normal is boring and I'm not normal and I don't do normal things
3) smart- Needs to be able to have a stimulating conversation with me. Politics, current events, life...doesn't matter but I still like convorsation
4) non athletic-Don't mean to stereotype but I generally don't go for athletes. I don't care much for sports and I'd feel real bad if I weren't there to support something that means so much to him, so I just stay away from athletes usually.
2c/3a, fine texture, normal porosity, medium-to-thick
Co wash: Vo5 Extra Body
Conditioners: Deva One Condition, GVP CB, Loreal Evercurl
Stylers: Devacurl ArcAngel, KCCC, AG Recoil, Iso Bouncy Creme, Ecostyler Krystal, CCCCL, KCKT
Low Poo: Devacurl NoPoo, GTTT
Hair likes: plopping, diffusing, SMaster's, coconut and argan oil, honey, protein
"What makes a woman unforgettable? Her mind...surrounded by lots of naturally curly hair"
Oook! I've never dated but I'll try ....
2) He MUSTN'T be a playboy .-. I hate 'em
3) Respectful (who likes a person who plays with feelings?)
4) Clean. (you know, the black lines under nails...oh, yuck!)
5)Beautiful (to me, of course. If I don't like what he's like, there's no sense in dating him)
6) Romantic.
I think I haven't forgotten anything xDDD
___Visca el Barça!!!<3


{ 3a with 3b underneath; medium/coarse texture; normal porosity (?); Medium/Low elasticity (?) }

This sounds fun!!!
My must haves:
Dedicated Christian
Respects me
Doesn't try to control me
Will wait for me
Doesn't talk dirty
Things that would also be great:
Really cute (or handsome)
Dresses nice

Ok there are others but these are a few.
One more thing! He must absolutely never ever NEVER cheat on me or tear me down!
So I'm updating/ reposting mine lol it's been awhile so things have changed

1 He must have Style (skinny jeans or nice dark wash jeans to match my style and ears pierced are a plus)
2 athletic without being a jerk
3 sense of humor. He can't be a straight faced no personality guy
4 he must be willing to just chill in my room watching movies without wanting to go "there"
5 and now for the shallow things.... Cocoa colored hair, brown eyes, tall and not to thin but not fat
rockin the curls God gave me.

Shampoo n/a
Conditioner Vo5 Moisture Milks
Leave in Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Shower, comb, apply leave in and mousse in wet hair then scrunch out the water and sometimes.
Second day, Wake up mist with water and smooth Shea Moisture Curl enhancing smoothie over hair

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