Up waves, down curls?

Hello everyone
I'm new here, tried to find the answer on already existing topics, but failed.
So! I have 2B hair, but often, if not all the time, my hair that is "outside", like covering my rest of the hair, is getting wavy, while the hair under are pretty curly! Help me, I love my curls and this is soo frustrating. Hope you did understand me, I'm not a native english
I'm a total noob when it comes to moisturizers, and other things like that (mostly beacuse here in Poland it is hard to find stuff that people talk about on internet)
Have a nice day!
Hey! This is so weird, I have like the exact same issue going on. We should be hair twins!

The outside layer, is called the canopy. It is protecting the other layers so it generly will be more damaged meaning it willl have less curl/wave. What I like to do it wear my hair half up half down, (put the canopy layer in a ponytail, leave the underlayer down)
~A proud 2c who is so thankful to have stumbled across this site over a year ago!
Thank you for your reply and yes we definitely must

Thing is i dont really look good in ponytail, and everyone is telling me that (which isnt very nice isnt it!) so I guess Ill try with oils.. If anyone has anymore tips, Id be sooo thankful!
I have about the same problem in reverse - my top layer is curly/wavy but my underlayer is almost straight! haha. You should try a lace braid! Then the top layer gets braided but you can still see the underlayer.

You could also try a braided half updo, if you like that more than a half ponytail

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