Curly Girl. Its a washing and styling technique.

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Growing out Pixie since 5-10-2008 with some trims and anxiety chops along the way...

hair details: BSL(c)/MBL(s) - 2b/2c (MPD if truth be told) - f/m, iii, porosity med-low.

Please feel free to follow my FB blog page as I go through Cosmetology school abd beyond

what else do you need/want to know? Blame all spelling mistakes on me, my fat fingers or autocorrect.

oh yeah, and I'm newly gluten free...thanks to celiac
It's short for "Curly girl" and it's basically not using sulfates in your hair regime. Sulfates are pretty prominent in most popular shampoos so some curly heads cut shampoos completely cut of their hair regime and only use oils, conditions, leave-in conditions, etc. Not only that, but there's a whole styling/cleaning method to it. It makes curly hair more defined and less frizzed, although there are curly heads that say the CG method made their hair worst.

here's a wikihow on the CG method

3c/3b - Hair Goal: Grow curls to midback

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