Anyone else feel like teens don't really appreciate curly hair?

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I love my hair now that I know how to take care of it but before I would get it flatironed ever 2 weeks and it was so plain. One day after school let out for summer I washed my hair and haven't looked back. I dnt care if other ppl talk about it because it's my hair I wear it how I want if they dnt like it too bad.
I'm going into 11th grade and as far back as I can remember, people have always wanted to straighten my hair, and they still do. Personally, I don't like it straight; it's never looked interesting or good. When I was younger, it used to irritate me whenever anyone wanted to straighten my hair, so I never let anyone do it and I never did it myself. But as I got older I stopped being so against it and I'm willing to let people straighten it if they want, but I rarely do it myself. I don't like it straight, and I don't have the time. So I'm not really influenced by other people's thoughts on my curls any more, I just don't like it straightened. Also, I think teens are more open to curly hair than elementary or junior high kids. Yay!
I adore my curly hair now. I use to hate it though. Use to flat iron it all the time. Thanks to natural curly. I learned how to maintain the frizz and still am learning. I sometimes feel uncool or ugly though with curly hair. But oh well! God gave me curly hair. Its just hair. Atleast we have hair.<3

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I'm a rising sophomore and I feel like everyone wants to blend in with each other, stick straight hair included. I used to feel very frustrated over my big hair, and the people I was closer to said that my hair was pretty but that they could not handle wearing it themselves. Those who aren't as close to me think that I'm crazy and that I should just wear it straight. They also pick on me because my hair is so much bigger than theirs. I personally think I look awful with straight hair so I just don't care about what they say.

But I definitely think that many people don't appreciate curly hair. Especially the boys, who think that my hair comes from outer space.
Back when I was in junior high and high school, I've had girls suggest to me all the time that I should try straightening my hair. Never did of course, because 1) I like the way my hair was, 2) All my friends and family adored my curls and 3) I don't think my face shape could pull off straight hair. :P

After both my junior high and high school graduations, I realized almost everyone was a hypocrite or something because all the girls got really expensive perms. xD
I feel like people think that straight hair is the "normal" thing, as most people around us have straight, wavy hair.
They don't understand, nor appreciate it, because it's unfamiliar and strange to them.
I'm only 13.
I'll be starting eighth grade this year, and I intend to keep my hair curly for graduation, and all through high school. I'm not even straightening it for my 8th grade farewell or prom.
Lili_Ex I agree, my face shape doesn't look good with straight hair. I look better with curly hair, and o believe there's a reason we were born with this hair, so why should we change it.
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well i'm 17 and in high school obviously. I used to not be able to leave the house without straightening my hair but then i just didn't have time one day so i left it curly and ever since i've liked to leave it curly (i still do straighten sometimes though). I feel like people my age don't really like curly hair? well I guess some girls do because I get compliments from girls but maybe guys don't? I don't see why not. Seems like they go for the more boring type of hair. Well anyways I'm kind of off topic but do you guys feel like people or teens specifically don't really appreciate curly hair? And does that affect your choices on how to leave your hair at all?
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I had really curly hair as a child and my mom grew it long until I was in sixth grade because it was more manageable that way- and of course it looked almost straight/wavy because she always braided it. So at the start of jr. highschool my older cousin got my hair cut because she convinced me that long curly hair was just ick. So she took me to the salon and ever since seventh grade I had been straightening my hair to look just like every other look alike alien in school (all the "popular" girls had stick straight hair, and it seemed like all the guys digged too). Then in ninth grade we had swimming in p.e. and I was like aaaaaahh!!! what will I do? So that day I stepped into the pool with my straight hair avoiding the water like a cat, and after I washed it I put in some mousse and everybody was like did you get a perm just for swimming?? Ummm no, this is my natural hair, but I usually straighten it. :O
Your crazy I would die to have hair like that. After that day a revolution had begun, I was destined to join naturallly curly and now after two years I am back on this site. a site that taught me to love my hair and well, me
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