Best Alternative for Eco Styler Gel?

I have 3c/4a/4b type hair and am in a DESPERATE need to find an alternative to the eco styler gel. I like the eco styler to an extent- it provides definition, but my hair still frizzes and the gel dries out my hair and hardens it too much. I want a gel that has hold but defines curls that makes them touchable and provides bounce and elongation. Any suggestions?
You should try Kinky-Curly Curling Custard. Its my staple product it gives my hair definition hold without frizz. Its the best
Yeah, well I tried KCCC and it didn't work...KCCC isn't heavy enough for my hair and the hold isn't strong enough for me, but thanks anyway
I wouldve suggested KCCC if it wasn't for what you said before. Try Jam. Mahoganycurls did reviews on different gels/custards, including Jam. Shes on youtube, you should check her vids out and decide from there or, look under the product reviews on this site and look for gels, sort it by popularity or rating and maybe you'll find something from there
Actually before you go looking for another gel, maybe the reason why it flaked was because your hair wasn't wet enough when you applied it. If you use the cg method, it would tell you to leave in the conditioner(after squeeze quenching) and then put gel over it. If your hair is too dry when you apply gel, it WILL flake when the gel cast dries. Try not to dry your hair as much before you apply the gel.
i usually don't use gel to do that, I use conditioner. A LOT of conditioner XD and then i let it dry and it works better :3 but I go through a lot of conditioner to do that and it doesn't last as long XD

or try using different amounts of the gel or using conditioner under it. don't forget the water! dilute it if you have to (that is what i do.)

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@Ashleyj I tried Jam gel custard which i decided to buy based off of Mahoganycurls videos and it worked okay, but I wouldn't be able to use it for a wash n go which is what i'm aiming for. I recently bought La Bella lots of curls gel after watching good reviews on it on youtube, but I haven't yet tried it...I'm a little skeptical of it because it only has a hold of 8 and I usually need a product thats heavier.
Also I don't use conditioner under gel when I apply it bc I rewet/refresh my curls everytime I do my hair due to frizz and the conditioner and gel reactivating together do not mix well. If I do use a leave-in conditioner it's usually a spray leave-in.
@forevercurly<3 i hope you find something
@ashleyj Thanks, I hope I find something too:/...
I used to use Eco Styler, but it didn't have enough hold for me either. I would suggest using LA Looks for alot of hold, but I still have to scrunch out the crunch..
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Ic fantasia gel is the best! It leaves hair soft but at the same time holds it on the same level as the brown protein gel

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Ic fantasia gel is the best! It leaves hair soft but at the same time holds it on the same level as the brown protein gel

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Originally Posted by imGellin
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