Why do some teenage guys only like teenage girls with straight hair?

I noticed that and I don't understand it because kinky,curly,wavy,and straight hair is equally pretty.
You have your answer, they're "teenage boys" not grown men who understand what real beauty is. It's not hair or looks but personality. Don't worry about it, first priority should be school. That right guy will come and he'll be mature and remember, you're the only person that it should matter to, be happy with yourself. Your curls are beautiful.
They may not even know the girls even have curly hair. I kept mine straight before I knew how to care for it. My husband like my hair both ways. He thinks I'm sexy with straight or curly hair!
Missing my Curls and trying really hard to my hair anyway.

Goal: To have Curly Q's again!!!

-Curly Girl Allie
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Also, sometimes it really is just a personal preference thing. You can't crucify someone just because they don't like X, Y or Z. Whether or not they act on that preference is what says something about someone.
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Honey they're teenagers and honestly until you find a mature MAN who excepts beauty for what it is, its something us natural women deal with no matter what age

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