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hey everyone, ive started using the cg method. its ok so far, but im facing a dilemma....i know that you arent supposed to use a brush, but, my curls arent as defined as they can be when i use the cg method. i used a denman d3 brush to detangle my hair. and define too. i like that when i use the cg method that detangling takes less than 45 mins as opposed to the tightly curly method with the denman. so.... which should i use?

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C'mon! 40 something views and no one can answer? seriously?
do whichever one is best for you and your hair. you don't have to follow the CG-method to a tee. if you want to use a denman and do the rest of the cg-method, do it!
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Rimi is right everything doesn't work for everybody but its nice to try these things to see what works so that you can make your own personal method.
Same opinion. Try both,see what you like better.
If youre on a tight schedule do the one that takes less time

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Thanks everyone! Iguess ill detangle with the denman if i have alot of time to kill.

@bleuyteuy Ill spam you if you spam me
Thanks everyone! Iguess ill detangle with the denman if i have alot of time to kill.

@bleuyteuy Ill spam you if you spam me
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What does it mean to spam? It doesn't sound good.
To spam is when you post a lot in short intervals of time.
To spam is when you post a lot in short intervals of time.
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No thanks and I don't suggest that you do it cus I don't think people would like that on the boards. It doesn't come off as very courteous.
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To simply rule out using brushes is not really the way to go, I know every site on the internet will tell you if you have curly hair to stay away from brushes, but there's just about as many different kinds of brushes as there are hair types! What you should take from this 'rule' though is the reason behind it. Now, in most cases, people are going to tell you to stay away from brushes because brushes especially those with a lot of bristles or bristles that are close together will create tension onto your hair strands when you brush it through possibly causing them to break. Most often the alternative they will give you is to use a wide-toothed comb to de-tangle your hair instead. While I agree with this (you certainly don't want to stress your hair strands too much and definitely don't want breakage,) it doesn't simply mean you have to rule out brushes. I in fact often use what I like to call a 'wide-toothed brush,' which is basically just a cheap plastic brush with those hard plastic bristles that are spaced out just as far if not farther apart than the teeth on a wide-toothed comb. Other people might tell you to stay away from the hair bristle style brushes (such as a boar bristle brush,) because it will make your curly hair 'poof up.' Well, this one you'd just have to experiment with yourself, I think the cause for your hair frizzing out has less to do with what you use to de-tangle it more than it has to do with the condition of your hair. In fact, many others with curly hair swear by the boar bristle brush as it's said to spread the hair's natural oils better thus creating less frizz. Rule of thumb here is to be gentle on your hair with any tool you use. Passed that, use whatever works for you while keeping up the condition of your hair. Good luck!
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