My curls are gone :( {pictures included}

Help!! I recently damaged my hair pretty severely with a straightener, and it just won't seem to curl anymore! Since last summer I have been occasionally styling my hair with heat; somtimes carefully, sometimes not, and that has also taken a toll on it.

This is what it looked like last summer:

And this is what it does now:

So what do I do?? I want my spiral curls back!
You could try a series of protein deep treatments to see if they bounce back! Otherwise, you'll have to grow it out
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You could try a series of protein deep treatments to see if they bounce back! Otherwise, you'll have to grow it out
Originally Posted by Rimi
+1 on the protein. I think if you do a series of protein treatments your hair could bounce back. Just be careful that your hair isn't sensitive to it. Best of luck.

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Try using a very moisturizing deep conditioner, hopefully it works! Either way you have gorgeous hair <3
I back up the protein treatments. Gradually make changes on your hair regimen, don't overload your hair though, or you could end up with a mess.

Swear off heat for a while if you're trying to get your curls back. If you are to straighten your hair, use LOTS of heat protectant, and make sure your hair is really moisturized and in top condition.

Start with something light, like a moisturizing and protein deep conditioner. I recommend the hair mayonnaise from Organic Root Stimulator.

Remind your curls of what they used to do. Get styling products and scrunch and finger curl your hair, or even do some pin curls for a while.

You may not be able to get your curls fully back, but it will bounce back and tighten up after a while after you do these things.
Same thing happened to me because I straighten it so much! It might take some time but try doing a Greek yogurt or and ACV rinse, every other week until your curls restore

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